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Dissabiltiy Question???

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I had to go on dissability do too over radiation, my espogaus is the size of apencil, and i clogged for air, and stress my lungs for air, but when resting for a few, can replenish my lungs. I can;t pick up anything, this triggers me to urinate, and go to the bathroom, if they stretch me, I was told per cancer doctor i would flood my lungs, and loose the raspy voise which tires and goes nill anyways, I had dissability, and had a person in Chicago have a bad day, and told me never to call him again or bother him, first I was blown away for treating a cancer person, or anyone like this, and I'm paying good tax dollars for this???, The second did'nt know how to file it either from over radiation damage, and sent me to a phsyco doctor, she also got paid a worthless, visit,because I had listed depression as a side effect, I hate to tell you those people in a government seat should go threw a near death experience with cancer, or better yet, wrap a wire around you windpipe and tell me how you live from day to day. I am now fighting to keep my checks rolling, the sent me a letter, stating with breathing problems, fatigue and radiation damage, I should be able to work 40 hours a week...sorry,I would love too have the old body back..Cancer came a knocking...after 35 year of always working, guess what. I know have to struggle to get a dissability check, while watching my neighbor with a shoulder problem, or riding a hoverround in walmarts, because we weigh 400 lbs., but they will get ther check every month...Sorry for airng here, but I am tired of fight my government for help, and no will hire me to do what I did before. Please relate you story for me or advise on any advice..Both of my Cancer doctors have verified i will never work again, due the radiation damage and cancer....take care care Dennis

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Esophageal Cancer is one of the conditions that are listed under the “Compassionate Allowance” program for Social Security disability. You should not be having difficulty getting your benefits.

 The compassionate allowance program was created by Social Security to expedite applications for impairments that are severe and obviously meet disability standards. These applications are fast-tracked: Social Security aims to award benefits to those with compassionate allowances within 20 days of receipt of application.

 Here is a web site reference that describes the program and how to apply: http://www.disabilitysecrets.com/resources/social-security-disability/benefits-esophageal-cancer-quick.htm

I am so sorry that you have not received the support you deserve.


Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU - Three Year Survivor

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Joel C
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My LTD insurance carrier forced me to apply for SS disability when I filed a claim for LTD.  I really didn’t want to apply for SS because I had paid on the LTD policy for almost 25 years.  As soon as I told the SS agent that I had EC she said this is a fast track diagnosis and I would see an approval within six weeks, I had the approval in less than two weeks.  The LTD policy I had was for 70% of my base pay but now whatever money SS sends me is money that the LTD carrier is no longer responsible for.  So the bottom line is some rich insurance CEO is actually collecting my SS instead of sending me a check for 70% of my salary.  It must be nice to have millions to spend on lobbyist in Washington.

Good luck, you are definitely entitled to your SS.


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I appreciate your input, and will pass this on to the dissability comittiee processing my forms, We need to get rid of a few people in Nashville dissability headquarters, they are totally useless, and don't give a crap, I'm sorry but anyone  that has had cancer and screwed up from this disease, derserves all they fight for, I appreciate your imput....Dennis

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