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I just found out that I have chronic depression. I feel so week. Because my mother is so strong is she is battling stage IV colon cancer. That is huge and I end up getting sick going out on fmla at work. Is anyone else battling depression and being a caregiver. How are you coping? I'm currently under the care of psych doc and he has prescribed me some medication. It's called celexa. I have no idea how long it's going to take to work though. I've been on it for a couple of days. I also can't sleep. I'm not sure if I'm stressing out. Please help. I love my mother and I want to be there for her. Cry

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Take a second and just breathe.  It's ok.  This is not an easy thing for any caregiver.  We spend so much of our time trying to be strong and supportive and care for our loved ones that we forget about ourselves.  I'm pretty sure that all of us at some point either have dealt or are currently dealing with depression.  We feel like we have to carry all of the burden that we don't even realize it when depression sets in.  I'm glad to hear that you are seeing a doc and are meds.  It will take a little bit for the meds to start showing any impact on you--as will talking to the doc.  Don't give up ok.  Be honest and open with your dr and if your meds are causing other issues talk to your dr so something else can be tried.  I'm seeing a psych dr myself, and currently I'm not on meds as the therapy seems to be helping me keep a handle on my depression.  Please remember, you are not weak.  You are not a failure--if you were, you would not have sought help.  The fact that you sought help and continue to look for it shows just how strong you are.  I don't know what the future holds for you and your mom.  I don't know what trials you each will face, but I do know that you are strong and determined and you will help her and be there for her like no one else can.  Keep hope and faith alive and know that we are here when you want to talk/vent.

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Thank you for the support and encouragement. I'm just really stressing out and need to chill out and breathe. It's not easy being a caregiver. But I would do anything in the world to help out my mom as much as I can.

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It usually takes a couple of weeks for antidepressants to work. Hang in there!

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As caregivers, we do get stressed and depressed.  I have been my husband's caregiver coming up on 4 years and it has been a ride.  I am not depressed just stressed out a lot of times.  I have tried medication for depression but didn't like it.  I do take Xanax 0.25mg.  My doctor gave me this along with Zoloft which I didn't like and stopped taking.  You might wanted to ask about getting some Xanax, it helps me sleep at night.

You need to take time for yourself because it is important to take care of yourself too. 


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Hello, Ladylacy:

Xanax is an anti-anxiety med and can be effectively used intermittently as needed. I take Xanax also at bedtime and before blood draws and medi-port flushings. (The fear of painful procedures is really getting to me >_< )

Zoloft, on the other hand, is an anti-deprssant and takes weeks to work at full speed. Stresses and depression destroy cells and neural connections within our hippocampus. The Zoloft, and meds like it, encourage regrowth of cells and connections, but unfortunately it takes time. If your MD or therapist feels you need an anti-depressant and you've given Zoloft the time it needs, but it falls short of your needs, then your dose can be adjusted or the med can be switched as there are others that may be better fit for you. But it needs that initial time as a fair trial (ask your doctor how long the trial should be). Tiredess can occur as a short-term side effect in the beginning as your body adjusts to the new med, but that will pass - it's to be expected, if it happens at all. B/P meds frequently do the same thing.

There may be caretaker support groups in your area. Ask at the local hospital, American Cancer Society, or mental health department. All the best to you all.


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Hi I'm actually on celexa. Not for depression but for anxiety. It seems to be working for me however if it doesn't work for you try another and keep trying till you find one that works. We all have different bodies so finding a medication suitable for yourself can be tricky


Its been a year since you posted this. But I hope your doing well and taking care of yourself while care giving for your mom. Take Carr best wishes.

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