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Phil how are you. I had hoped you would be checking in now that election day has passed.

Posts: 2215
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Bumping up

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he seems very busy with local politics.  Hopefully he'll stop in and say hello!

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The hope was that the election would be over but it's not. We were up against the Hasidic voting bloc which is very powerful in NY State. The party I'm involved with was ahead until:

  • 550 votes were found the day after the election at a Hasidic polling location. No one can explain why. 
  • each voting machine has 2 memory cards. They are supposed to go to separate locations to avoid tampering. At the same location where the 550 votes were found, both cards went to the same location. No one can explain why. 
  • The Board of Elections switched to a new scanning machine this year. Easily prone to ballot stuffing. 
  • buses were seen traveling up the NYS Thruway dropping voters off, then returning them most likely to Brooklyn.

It may sound like sour grapes on my part or that I'm going after this because the voters are Hasidic. Not true. I'd go after them just as intensely if the were Christian... Embarassed 
Wait, let me rephrase that - it's not helping my case.
I'd go after any group who was doing this. The unfortunate thing is that (almost) anytime anyone sneezes in that direction the anti-Semite card comes out. I'd say that probably 1/4 of the people involved with our political party are Jewish. It's not about religion, it's about a level playing field.  

So that's 2 out of 3 social taboo social that I've touched on (Religion and Politics) who else can I offend? If I keep this up I'll probably wind up offending myself!

Just a disclaimer or note to those who don't know me. Much of what I say is tongue in cheek so if I offended anyone it wasn't intentional and I applogize in advance. To those who DO know me, what do you expect?

A quick health update. I feel well but after my radiation back in April for a spot outside of my lungs that wasn't RFA-able I developed and inflammation in my lungs. They called it the "Pn word" pneumonia. That seems to be clearing up but 2 months ago they discovered a pulmonary emboli in my lung. I've been on Enoxaparin (2 injections a day) for the past two months. I go for a scan later this week and will get the results the following week.

I can hardly wait!!!!

Overall I feel ok-ish. I have a cough but it's not as bad as it was and my shortness of breath has gotten tons better. The political stuff have comsumed me for the past 6-9 months and it's not over. Most likely we will not prevail since ever person who could do something about it is an elected officlal. Elected in large by the voting bloc we are battleing so I really doubt they will go against them. A group of us are talking about publishing our own paper just to keep the spotlight on the corruption. As a friend of mine said of me "Phil's always fighting something" which I take as a compliment. I think it helps me in the long run. I don't let what's going on ruin my day since life is short and fragile but keeping a fighting spirit is a good thing in my opinion.

Lastly, I'm really saddened to read that many of my/our friends on here are not doing well or they have lost their battles with cancer. There's no rhyme or reason as to why some do better than others. It's not for lack of trying...

Posts: 2215
Joined: Oct 2011

Thanks for th update Phil. I miss your words of wisdom an humor.

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We've seen this with public schools, health systems, and so forth.  They look for ways around the government.  This is not anti-Semitism, it is unfortunately fact, and I believe everything you are saying.  Please note, I am Jewish and proud of my heritage.  However, I don't like the heritage to be abused.  Please keep us informed - I'm very curious as to the origin of those 550 votes...



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I hope you're soon doing better than that!




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