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I have a question.

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My cancer was discovered by taking the contents of one of 

 fluid filled sacs, which where basically in my upper tummy area.

The test showed I had ovarian cancer.

From there they where going to do a total hysterrectomy.

It was when they opened me up that

they discovered that I had peritoneal ovarian cancer.

They where unable to remove anything, as it was wrapped around everything. 

My question is has anyone else had these fluid filled sacs?

Or how was your cancer discovered?

The sacs,  I had, is what drove me to look further as to what was

going on. I had a sore upper tummy for a few months.

      I am now, in my second round of chemo, with 2 to go.

My numbers are not going down, so am waiting for a

cat scan and go from there. I am afraid if the chemo

stops, that I'll get the sacs back.

   Any advice please.






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I was perfectly healthly and I had just lost about 25 pounds for I needed to. Then in  October I started having some issues with bladder leakage tjem om November I started having issues with indiigestion and some weight gain. I went around mid-decoember to my GI dr. which had me get an untra sound which showed that I had lots of fluid either coming from the ovaries or liver. I went the next day for a CT Scan which found that I had an overian tumer so he referred me to the oncology/gyneco dr. On Christmas day I looked like I was six months pregnant for I had so much fluid. I went to the dr. the following tues and he put me in hosiptal on Wed and had surgery on Thurs. Dec. 29, 2011. That is how they found mine. In order to be sure what type it was for sure I went for a second opinion at MD Anderson in TX. My dr. said it was overian then when the full path came back he said it was uterine cancer. When I came back from MD Anderson my dr. had my tissue sent for testing and it come back Primary Peritoneal.


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