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Fresh out of the Hospital with Partial Nephrectomy

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Hello, Everyone! 

I'm encouraged to read the posts you'll all put out there. Thank you for sharing! I'm curious if any of you have felt what I'm feeling: a week out of surgery, my tummy area feel bloated and a bit tight. I had some problems with bowel, but cleared that up with magnesium citrate. Urinating fine. What happens? Is it swollen there? Has anybody experienced similar symptoms? Thanks so much! Lunapoet

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You sound like you are going thru a very normal initiation. I  Describe it in two (2) words. Not Fun.





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Hi, Luna -- I'm Terri.   I had an open radical on Oct. 2.    It took a good month for my abdomen to start feeling/looking 'normal', so I don't think you have anything to worry about.  :)    Not sure if you had your procedure laparoscopically, but there is definitely some swelling of the affected tissue as well as some fluid retention as you heal.   I found flannel pajama pants (with loose elastic waists) to be my friend the first couple of weeks I was home.  

Glad you found our group.    The folks here have been a Godsend to me since my surgery.   

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After my laparoscopic partial, my entire belly was tight and swollen for a few weeks. (The swelling actually made my scars wider than they should have been, so that's how much it pressed outward.) (Thankfully I don't go swimming too often) Doc said it was normal and it all felt better by the third week.

Hang in there. You'll feel a lot better by next week.

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