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Bloodwork Today

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Glad to be done
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So I meet with my new oncologist since our move on Monday at 11:00..  I went today to have my CA125 drawn for the appointment.    Had it done about 7:30 this morning and  sbout 2:00 I called the doc to get results.  My CA was 5.8.  I just about fell off my chair.  lol.  In NY I always went to the same lab and it came back everytime between 10 and 13.  Once it was 21 which freaked me out but I went right after getting over a stomach bug and when I went in a month it was down to 11.  My old on  had me all prepped for it to be higher because of a different lab.  I was so happy...



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I'm doing the happy dance for you!  I have to say that I am amazed that you got your results back so quickly - wow, same day service!  For some reason, it takes about two or three days for my results to come back.  Nice timing with your bloodwork - you can enjoy the upcoming holidays.


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That is fantastic!  I feel as though you have closed the book on your old "cancer life" and have opened a new wonderful, cancer-free story! Very happy for you.

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Congrats!   That is great news.


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news..so glad numbers are down...keep it that way..now you can get ready for Thanksgiving!

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Hearty Pioneer
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YEAH!! Glad your Ca 125 is such a low number! Congratulations!

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What a lovely low number.

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A beautiful number!!!

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What happy news to read with my morning coffee!   (((((HUGS)))))  Maria

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This is wonderful to hear ! May we all follow in your footsteps .


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