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My husband is in his first week of radiation and is doing well so far.    He is using Mugard and Magic Mouthwash daily along with Biotene.   He hasn't had any problems with swallowing, saliva or eating yet but we both know it's matter of time.   I am wondering if anyone has any experience with juicing and if there are certain recipes or websites that you have found helpful.    We met with a nutritionist yesterday in the Oncologist office and she gave us Ensure and Juven powder but didn't have any experience with juicing.   My thought process is that juicing will be a good way for him to get some much needed nutrients in his body when he doesn't feel like eating any longer.   

Everyone on this board is such an inspiration and so helpful, thank you for sharing your story.



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Juicing generally does not deliver sufficient calories so protein powders and other complex carb powders do a much better job for calories, nutrients, and vitamins. there are so many options - search some bodybuilding online stores to get an idea of the variety. Whey protein and maltodextrin are the primary ingredients. don

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Don is the master of protein drinks, listen to him.

I dare say that juicing will not go down nicely, too harsh.  That is why more milk based concoctions are used.

I lived on smoothies for 7 months because most foods felt weird, but I got over it and I am back to normal eating.

Have a smoothie day,


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The superthread has some links, I believe they are updated, if not let me know and I'll make sure to update them...

Also, if you find some good ones and want me to add them, I can do that...


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I am not sure that I could have handled juice, harsh and acidic.  I did live on smoothies, cream of wheat, pudding and custard for awhile.  Protein is important.  The first time I went through treatment I didn't know about protein and weight loss was a lot of muscle, we made sure through the rest of my treatments that we added protein powder into my food.

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I work at a gym and they were giving me smoothies all the time to help me get nutrients and calories in me.  The juice based ones hurt my mouth and almost burned when I'd try to drink them.  The milk based ones were SO much easier to get down.  Once my saliva got too thick to hardly swallow, I had to make the smoothies with water instead of milk (it made more thick mucus).  Once all of that failed, I ended up with a feeding tube (which I PROMISE sounds a lot worse than it really was!!)  I hope your hubby can get through it with Boost, Ensure and smoothies.  You can make smoothies out of Boost (add ice, peanut butter, banana and mix well)  THAT was my big calorie one I had to drink 3-4 a day of.  I did more of the juice type things before my treatments started and my mouth developed sores.  That may be a good thing to use after his treatment ends, too. 

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Thanks Everyone for all the good advice,  definitely sounds like the smooties are the best all around. 

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Carrot juice is not to acidic and many swear by it. There are a couple books on juicing and cancer. I found one at the library but can't remember the name. Google those words but be careful who you listen to as there are some quacks out there. Most of the reputable ones give you juice recipies for recovery, not instead of treatment.


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