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Lost my belly button ;)

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Don't worry everything is fine. All my wounds are hearing well, but my belly button had this discharge all the time. Today I went back to the plastic surgeon, he cleaned it out and sutured it up with a drain. I was bummed that they had to put me under, but the doc said  I needed it. On the way home I threw up a couple times, but now I'm feeling ok. Friday they remove the drain and I hope the following week I can start the chemo.

Again, overall everything is ok, I'm doing better every day.

I hope you are all doing well,


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How good to hear from you--the silence was beginning to worry me!  I am so happy to hear that you are doing well overall and improving as time goes on.  I hope you recover quickly from yesterday's procedure.  May Friday go well and I hope the chemo does too.  Keep us posted when you can.  I wish you continued healing and will keep you in my prayers.

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Hi Laz,
It is good to hear from you! I hope your recovery goes quickly and that soon you feel much better. You are doing so well! Soon, the cancer in your body will be history! I lost my belly button with my last surgery too!

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You were missed!

I hope your wounds heal well without further complication. 

Let us know how you are with chemo etc as and when possible. 

Best wishes to you both


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Glad to see an update from you.  I was wondering how things were going.  You remain in my prayers. 

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sending prayers your way for all the obstacles to be gone and that you will be on the road to recovery, sorry to hear of your last hurdle, you have been through so much

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