Prayers Needed Please For Johnnybegood--UPDATE

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Just got a call from JBG & hubby. She was taken by ambulance to Louisville. She is in ER with uncontrolled rectal bleeding. We are all very scared right now.

Please send prayers & good vibes. She is my baby.




Bleeding has slowed down. Docs still not sure what the cause is. Said she may have C-Diff, so she's on antibiotic & pain is under control. Should know more when blood work comes back, possibly tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Will update when I have news. 



  • RickMurtagh
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    oh, wow


  • Hooley
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    Praying for Gods peace for all.  Xxxoo

  • lp1964
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    Sending strong... to her and her family and wishing her quick resolution.


  • thxmiker
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    Our thoughts and prayers for

    Our thoughts and prayers for strength and fast healing.   We hope she is doing well.


    Best ALways,  mike

  • jen2012
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    many prayers
    Oh must be a mess. I hope your son is with you. Prayers and hugs for you and jbg.
  • So Worried
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    Tons of prayers coming your way. So sorry this has happened..keep us posted. 

  • geotina
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    I am so sorry.  Of course, tons of prayers coming JBG's way. 

    Hugs - Tina

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    You've got my prayers!

  • maglets
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    You've got my prayers!


    oh Wolfen this is such distressing news.....of course all prayers and energy for our dear girl....mags

  • Lovekitties
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    Dear Wolfen

    Prayers going out for our JBG.  May her doctors find the cause and fix it quickly.

    Thoughts and prayers for all who love her to as you wait anxiously for news.

    Hugs and love,

    Marie who loves kitties

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    I will certainly pray for JBG

    I will certainly pray for JBG and to give you strength as well.

  • Trubrit
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    Prayers and more prayers

    Prayers are on their way Heavenward. 


  • LivinginNH
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    Oh dear, that poor girl. 


    Oh dear, that poor girl.  :(    Yes, sparks of love and prayers are on their way to your lovely daughter.


  • herdizziness
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    every good wish and prayers to the Gods being sent!

    I'm with you in spirit, arms around your shoulders.  May they quicklt find the source and fix it as quick.

    love and hugs to you both,

    Winter Marie

  • YoVita
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    Prayers coming

    She's in good hands now with her medical team.  I'm so sorry this is happening - she's been through enough for several lifetimes.

  • joemetz
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    thanks for this update.

    prayin for JBG and all around her.

    keep us posted.


    my best


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    Prayers for Your Baby


    Prayers for your darling daughter. May her guardian angel be with her.


  • danker
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    How can we anything other than PRAY for her?

  • So Many Prayers

    We are so thankful that He is omnipotent and can hear all these thoughtful wishes for those we care about. Thy will be done.


  • jasminsaba
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    Praying ...

    My prayers are with JBG and your entire family ... I hope they've been able to control her bleeding. Wishing her the best.