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so kind of freaked out

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So I am kind of freaked out....I was one of the lucky ones who made it thru treatments without many side effects....I could swallow and eat anything...didnt develop any sores....and my skin held up...not even a sore throat...not sure what is going on but woke up this morning and the inside of my throat feels swollen....and it doesnt hurt and it is not sore at all but it is hard to swallow anything today with out using water....this is new...and I am 5 weeks out of treatment...and had a scope at 3 weeks out and the site was as okay as it could have been...so not sure this is just today or allergies, a reaction to something i ate or what...but surely a tumor doesnt grow huge in two weeks....so i was wondering if anyone else had anything like this....or not...I know a lot of you would say have a ent take a look and I agree if it out of the new abi-normal...also my ent is in mayo and we are back in Texas...so we would have to have another ent take a look....dont know if i am just paranoid...but yesterday everything was good

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but I'm having "spells" where the inside of my mouth swells up for about an hour or two.  It was when I would eat peanut butter or something with pb in it.  It was ONLY the side where my surgeries were and not my throat or the other side of my mouth.  My surgeon told me today that often after rads, there will be times that the mouth areas can "swell up" for no real reason.  He did tell me to try small amounts of pb to see if I could be developing an allergy, too, but he said the swelling episodes were normal.  Call and ask your doctor since it's your throat. 

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I hope and think you may be right....because this just came on so fast....yesterday was great....and then wham today...but any change while we wait for my pet is crazy....thought you profile was sweet....sorry you had to go thru so much...but with strong faith and a great family...you cant go wrong....thanks again



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I've learned that with this crazy radiation...it hits us all SO differently and I think I've thrown the word "normal" out the window! haha  I over analyze any pain, sensation, feeling and I'm quite sure that I drive the nurse at work insane with my questions.  Keep pushing...it truly seems like each week gets a little better :)

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More than likely nothing to worry about, you're going to have a lot of aches, pains, swelliings, sore spots, etc...for awhile.

It's always worth while to have your ENT check you out...

It's also better to have the one that has been involved with you all along. But in your case, it might not be a bad idea to get a local ENT onboard just to be involved and become familiar with you for just such instances..., which I can guarantee will come up from time to time...



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Maybe, you did not dodge the side effects bullet completely.  You are pretty fresh out of rad camp and swelling is fairly regular around here.

Even though I might want to go to your primary ENT, I would not be afraid to try one closer to home.  You might even generate a phone call between the two for a little Benjamin history lesson.  Flush out your new ENT, ask if they have had any H&N experience.

It is most likely normal, since you were just examined, but it would not hurt to take a look under the ole hood (and gain some peace of mind).


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I periodically have strange feelings, pain, swelling in my throat and then a day or two later it is gone.  I think our throat/body has a lot to deal with after the chemo and radiation and it takes a while to heal.  I am 18 monhts out and doing well...but even just yesterday my throat was sore...today it is fine....relax until you see the doctor.   Ann

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