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Pathology report brings good news

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I learned yesterday that the 2.5 cm tumor was not malignant. It was an oncocytoma, according to the pathology report. Fat adjacent to the tumor was also benign ... The specimen tested consisted of  a 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.1 cm portion "of renal parnchyma ... The cut surface have a 1.6 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm mass that is grossly wihin 0.1 cm from the capsular surface, and 0.3 cm from te surgical margin. The tumor is bright yellow to red-brown, and firm, with no evident necrosis. It is unencapsulated, but well dileanted from the surrounding renal parenchyma, which is pale tan, fir and unremarkable" ... I got very little information about the situation from the nurse practitioner. She merely said "you don't have cancer." Any feedback about oncocytomas would be appreciated. When I asked how much of the kidney was removed, she said "they always ask that question. I don't know." My lab work was good, creatinine was 1.0 ... my blood pressure has been rising. Had been low in the hospital 109/62. Now is up to 140/75. I also had heart palpitations for a couple of days last week. Any chance those symptoms are related to the partial nepherectomy? I am supposed to meet with the surgeon at Moffitt in six weeks. It's a two-hour plus drive to Tampa. Think I will have my local urologist take over at this point. Easier access and he's a good communicator, including listener.

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There have been a few of you lately. 95% of Cancer chance going in and you slide by the initiation with only the Surgery and no Cancer issues in the future as far as the RCC. You realize of course if you had done nothing, as luck would have it you would be in the other 95%.





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Glad to hear it was all good!

Time to celebrate!!

Take care!

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for you! Makes me smile and feel good.

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That is such good news!  Which urologist are you seeing here locally? 

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Dr. Tillett. He is with Specilists in Urology. I had Dr. James Borden for years, but I switched to a different group when diagnosed with the kidney tumor. Dr. Borden was out of town at the time, and the office was doing to make me wait for more than a week to see someone else.



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What great news.  I am so happy it was not cancer.  Now you can go on living your life with no further treatment.  Hope you are getting your blood pressure issues resolved.  I wa so happy to see your news.  In peace and caring.

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Now you've beat / narrow escaped two cancers. Get that BP down and the pump working Smile

I join all others in wishing you best of health.

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