Anyone have a dry cough?

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I just started a few days ago to have a dry cough.  I talked to my onco and she called in a prescription of tylenol 3 for me, which I haven't picked up yet, but will.  Just wondering if it is just the weather, damp and cold here, or, something else going on.


Thanks, Carlee


  • Carlee
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    No one has ever had this

    No one has ever had this before?  :(


  • Dawn50
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    My husband had a dry cough and they prescribed codiene products; worked for a while. They then prescribed flexaril. The cough is pretty wet now and they are giving him liquid morphine every 30 mins.

  • dennycee
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    slow answer

    my doctor gave me a prescription for tessalon perls that I never needed to use but many here reported success.  small coughs are fairly common and there are many causes   Check the humidity in your home as well. 

    FYI, this board is not particularly active.  So sorry that no one responded sooner but the nature of this board is that it's patients responding to patients.  by bumping it up like that you got the attention your question deserved so if it happens again please do bump it again.