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In and out of surgery for obstruction

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What a day.   Dicks pain continued to increase last night so he had a CAT scan at 11:00am. I was on my way home with our daughter for a few hours while a friend stayed with Dick at the hospital. She called and said the doc might want to do surgery   I had to turn around which just crushed our daughter. By 5:00 we got the call that they wanted to do surgery today and we met the surgeon at 6:00pm. He said he wanted toto do surgery at 7:00.  I kissed Dick at the OR doors at 7:15 and got the call that it was done at 8:45!  The surgeon had said 3 hours, maybe more.   Dicks bowel was caught up on an adhesion that went from his front to his back and the doc had to just snip, snip and the bowel was free and started moving.  They said the part that was hung up was bruised but the think it will recover but they will watch it.  And, within 30 minutes he pooped!  He is resting now and his pain is gone in his stomach.  Incredible.   Now praying for no problems in recovery and that the colon bounces back ok


Thank you for all your support.  You are all priceless!




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oh Kathleen...I am so so very happy for you guys....what a reliefLaughing so to speak....oh poor poor Dick....hope the bowel will recover without further intervention

get some rest girl......hug....mags

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your family has been on a wild ride and i hope that it is time to slow this ride down for you.im glad they finally found out what was going on and maybe now the pain will be gone.i feel bad for your daughter but im sure she understands about the doctors wanting to make her dad better.both of you get some rest and thanks for posting....Godbless.....johnnybegood

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That is great news.

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Hope hes feeling better soon!

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I'm glad he is on the road to recovery.  Thanks for the update


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...a tough price to pay for improvement but the fact he feels better makes it worth while. I wish the best for your entire family. 


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... and so glad there was a fix, even though painful at the time.  Here's to a smooth recovery from the surgery.

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Hopefully you all can get some much deserved rest.  Hope the healing goes well and he's up and about quickly.  Traci

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I'm so glad this has been resolved for Dick.   Those darn adhesions can apparently cause problems for years after surgery.  This was a good reminder for all of us that if we develop serious pain like Dick did that adhesions may be the culprit.

Hugs to you both~AA

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Hoping that the hurdles always remain at the jumpable height, Ron.

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That is wonderful news.  Hoping he gets to come home soon and has a fast recovery.


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After just being in the hospital last week for an obstruction, I literally feel your husband's pain. Luckily my seemed to clear itself but my pain was at the 9-10 level as well. I went in after a couple of hours of the pain and right after I got to the ER I passed some stool into my colostomy and pain dropped dramatically. They did a CT scan and found my bowel was distended indicating I had a blockage. They also found blood clots in my right leg so that got more attention than the blockage. After 3 days they sent me home on arixtra injections to thin my blood and instructions to take it easy on what I ate. Have been doing soup mainly since getting home. Got sick yesterday am so was worried I was obstructed again but had 2 bowel movements since. 

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Interesting Tedd.  How are they monitoring your blood coagulation with the arixtra  ?


Kathleen, thank goodness Dick's obstruction and adhesion resolved so definitively.  What seemed to get the doctors moved to go in and snip the adhesions, tests vs testy?

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They aren't monitoring that I know of. Arixtra is like lovenox, which unlike Coumadin apparently doesn't require titrating in the dose. They didn't set up any follow-up visits to measure INR values. 

Anonymous user (not verified)

Like I said, I can relate to that.  It feels so good for all that pain to go away and everything to start getting back to normal. I'm impressed about your surgeon going for the CT scan for a differencial diagnosis and surgical resolution.  My surgeon opted for daily barium swallows and x-rays for 10 days while is was zonked out on dilaudid and finally told them to stop the pain med and cut me open.

Too bad they haven't figured out a way to stop adhesions from forming after surgeries.

Glad your family can relax now and get back to normal.   Dan

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I am so very glad that the cause was determined and quickly fixed.

Unfortunately adhesions can happen after abdominal surgery.

Hope that you can get your family back under one roof soon, as I know it has to be a terrible strain on you, too.

Prayers for you all.


Marie who loves kitties

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so glad the obstruction was delt with quickly, the prognosis is good and Dick is able to rest!


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Hi friends,  I am happy to report that I can hear bowel sounds as I type this and Dick sleeps.  Pain was much better today but they are carefully monitoring Dick to make sure the part of the bowel that was caught up comes back fully. dal so waiting for another poowill thanks for ou support.  We hope NG tube comes out tomorrow. We hope the whole digestive track kicks into gear. 

Btw the anestheologist said that Dick had great numbers when he was under last night.  He was blown away that Dick has been fighting colon cancer for five years.  That made Dick smile. :)



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Wonderful news that things are turning around for Dick.  Hopefully you will get him home soon. 

Take care - Tina

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Everting Is going towards normality again.
Big hugs to both.

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So glad things are looking better. I hope he feels better quickly.

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