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Under age 50 Project

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I am working with Dr Whitney Jones and the Colon Cancer Prevention Project along with the Never Too Young project which is a collaboration with CCPP, Colon Cancer Alliance & Bowel Cancer UK. I had the honor of meeting him in person at the CCA National Conference. This project is for anyone diagnosed before age 50 - it doesn't matter what your age is now - if you were diagnosed with CRC prior to age 50, you can help.

If you'd like to join the database as they get the project moving forward, I am collecting information so they can contact you as they get materials, messaging and research to push to get the screening age lowered, and to educate the public and medical community that younger people do get CRC and the rates are rising every year.

Please email me Kathryn@KathrynsTravel.com with the following:
►first and last name
►location (street address, city and state, zipcode)
►age at dx
►dx (colon or rectal) & stage @ dx
Dr Jones and his staff will have access to this information once it is compiled. This could possibly include sharing with CCA staff too. We are pushing for a big national campaign in the US. As this is all developed, we ask that you continue to keep the dialogue going by sharing your story when you have the chance, educating the public and physicians.

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If you've lost a family member to CRC who was dx'd prior to age 50, and want to help with this, send your information noting you are not the patient, but use the patient's dx and age at dx.

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Mine was just after my 50th birthday so my cancer was present in my 40s as well, but didn't find out until that magical 50 number when I was finally eligible to get scanned.  Just wondering as this would have helped me also.


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