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Tumors shrinking.....or surgery?

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Have been chemoing three years since bowel resection.  Only Eva had tumors in lung ...thank God.  They are shrinking now on erbitux smallest 20mm largest 45mm.   Just don't know if to say blow it let's rip them buggers outta lung or stay on chemo.   Decision pretty much mine they say.  Would love your advice????

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I have never had lung involvement but have had liver involvement 3 times and cut them out as soon as possible each time.

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...is cut them out. There must be an ideal time when the tumor shrinks to an ideal size. 

Best of luck with your decision and everything will be fine.


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The tumor on my liver was shrunk befor the surgery,so it was less to cut out,and possible to get it all.Get all the opinions you can before you make a final choice.Good luck.

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It's a hard decision to make, but if they can do it through surgery instead of chemo that's what I'd do.  Others should be giving you their experiences.  Good luck in whatever you decide.


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Generally, the view here is surgery any time you become elgible for it. Along with cimetidine and surpernutrition, for us anyway  :)

Chemo has many limits. With aggressive surgery, my wife was all healed up in several weeks, does light immunochemo maintenance and supplements.  The standard treatment recommendation for her was heavy chemo for a while and then kaput, with the expectation sooner than later.  Physical removal eliminates chemo resistant foci.  


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i have no advice about which option to choose, but i sure am happy for you that erbitux is shrinking the tumors! 

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but am a big fan of surgery, seeing as how I wouldn't be here without it.

I would add cimetidine too, as it may help reduce the chance of further spread.

I did that for my last surgery (of five), and it was, well...my last surgery!  Couple of years ago.

Good luck and let us know what you decide, AA

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For ur input.  Am leaning toward surgery.  Think they go through side cut then thru back. Don't know a lot about targeted laser therapy. Maybe my tumors too deep for that.  Even key hole would be great but position and sized would depend.   Will suss out

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Jumped from 3.4 to 6.2 but have ecoli infection.   Onc says wait fir week to see new CEA. cos if he scanned now and lung mets are growing I can go back on erbitux !   Think lung surgery could be coming sooner tHan later.  What a catch 22 situation!!

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