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Hearing problems?

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So, I had a question. As some of you know, others do not... my dad had 35 radiation treatments from sinus area to throat due to sinus cancer/one lymph node affected.  While watching a movie with him the other night, he had the tv turned up quite loud...there were times I would have to tell him what ppl said in the movie.  I know before his treatments he would have the tv up slightly louder, but things seem to have gotten a little worse in that department.  Anyone else have this problem?  For instance, I was there this morning and I noticed one of my parents smoke detector was beeping due to battery low...just a very dull beep but dad didn't seem to notice.  I told him and I replaced the battery... but just want to know if this is a common thing with radiation or if maybe its just age?

Thanks for any insight

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My hearing problems are different.  Some noises send me (like the sound of fingernails on the blackboard).  While I was still teaching after my first and second battles, the fire drill bell hurt, luckily, we were warned and I kept earplugs at school.  Very loud music (worship band!) at church hurts, I take my ear plugs to church.  I cannot have the TV too loud, again hurts.  Have you tried putting the captions on the TV?  I am 59, I don't know your dad's age.  I think Hondo has had problems with his hearing like your dad, we are all different.

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Other than slective hearing that my Katie claims I have, I have some ringing in my left ear. I'm not sure if it is from radiation or the result of being a truck driver with that age thing creeping up.

Althoough it did seem to be more after the radiation I'm not sure if I am going to point a finger in that direction.


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I have gotten so used to the ringing now that I forgot about it!  Sometimes the ringing is so loud that I have trouble falling asleep.

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Did he have cisplatin?  It is known to cause hearing loss.  I had just 3 chemo treatments, and had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears because of it (but alive to complain about it!).  The loss is in the higher frequencies - so I miss a lot of the chimes and bells and alarms.  Hearing aids gives me back much of what is missing now.


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Since my husband underwent radiation and chemo (two rounds) his hearing has become horrible.  The TV has to be turned up so loud that it is impossible to hear anything but the TV he watches in another room (we don't like the same things on TV).  And yes he had Cisplatin the first time and Carboplatin the second time.  I'm thinking this is a side effect to both the radiation and chemo.


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I have a ringing in my left ear.  (the side where my tumor and surgery were)  I had it before it was removed and still have it now.  I don't have the pain that I had before, and the doctor thought the pain and ringing was from the tumor pressing on the nerves.  Now they think it's from some nerve damage and rads effects.  I've sort of gotten used to it, but I definitely can't hear out of that side as good as I once did.  I'm 41 so I hope it's not my age. Yet.  :)

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I love to watch TV - I have my favorite shows - but having the volume up was bothering EVERYONE on the family. Hearing aids don't always cut it when watching TV.

We found these wireless - http://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-headphones-stereo-rf-rs-120-ii#product_data

Wireless headsets - I've heard things on TV I haven't heard for a long time!


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Depending on where the rads hit, and also if nerve endings were involved this issue could be caused from tx's.  Ask at the next appointment.  Also it wouldn't hurt to have his hearing checked out by a specialist.  I too have issues with hearing loss....way before they found the tumor that was butted up against my jaw bone and under my right ear.  I'm thinking it would be a good idea for me to check this out also.  Hearing aides wouldn't be the worst scenario, and quality of life would improve.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Hi Cherie -

I was diagnosed with sinus cancer and underwent 40 radiation treatments and 2 rounds of chemo. My hearing was a bit sketchy going into treatment to begin with. About two years ago - 4 years out of treatment - I noticed that my hearing had gotten considerably worse. I had trouble with the higher register especially women's voices - I had trouble understandning clients even when I was sitting right in front of them. My hearing tests showed considerable enough loss that it was time for hearing aids. My ENT doc confirmed that both chemo and radiation can have an effect. I ended buying a pair of hearing aids from Costco - ran about $2,500.00 for both ears. My life changed dramatically - heard sounds I didn't even realize I was missing. As far as the tv goes, I usually turn on the subtitles and doesn't bother anyone else who's watching with me. Definitely worth the investment. 

By the way, I'm 61 now and all through my teens and twenties opted for front row center seats at all the concerts I could get tickets to... :)

- Jeff

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