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Curing Cancer or..??

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Hi All...  Yesterday I was again bombarded by a well meaning fellow with "Have you checked this guy's Cancer cure..?"  Of course I immediately suspicious based on the fact that I have heard zero in this here or on S.P. forums.  Turns out I was correct.. another attempt to extract money for those desperite for hope..  Sadly we all are good candidates for those that advertise that they are "different" and have different methods to treat and "cure" Cancer.  I will stop there and post a link.  Some of you may not like what is there, but I am just one of many messagers.. please don't shoot me if you do not agree..


Be Well All...


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After I spent all this money on magnetic bracelets, coffee enemas and sessions with the personal shaman you kind Sir are taking away my last hope.

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Geeeeeeeeeeesh....  just spit out my water through my nose..!! Wink

Alexandra... welcome back from your vaa caaa....   That is if you are back...


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Gordon Charles
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Dearest Sweet Alexandra.....that roaring, straining silence you hear is the result of Garym and Foxhd holding themselves back after an opening line like that....and by the way.... can anyone spell Laetrile?

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....by the mother of a kid on my son's 7th grade basketball game.   I don't even know her first name, yet she felt it was acceptable to come over and stand directly in front of me (I was on the bottom row of the bleachers) -- while I was trying to watch my kid & take pictures at the game.

I explained to her that my tumor was removed via surgery, and that no further treatment is expected -- but my oncologist will be following me closely in the future, thank you very much.   She countered with, "once you have cancer, it ALWAYS comes back -- but you can fool the cancer cells in your body by......"    I stopped listening at that point, got up, and climbed up to the TOP row of the bleachers.


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