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Mouth feels burn and throat feels constricted

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I just finished my 3rd week of radiation and 2 chemos.   Now I experience a burning pain in my mouth like a pulsation.  Lips feel puffy.  When I swallow, it seems the esophagus has constricted or narrowed. 

Thick mucous come out of mouth and stuck in back of throat.  Making it hard to swallow.

Is this gonig to get worse for the next 3 weeks of radiations?

Does any one have a temporary solution?

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Yes, it may get worse, but do not panic.  Instead, learn to manage it.  We are full of ideas here, but you have to figure out what works best for you.

I had a routine of gargling, swish and spit using the salt, soda and water mixture, used it often all day long.  Also, I am a huge fan of magic mouth wash for throat, tongue and mouth pain.  Again swish it all around and sip swallow it all and do it whenever I felt the need all day long.   I went through 6 bottles of the liquid gold.  Finally, if there were any mouth sores it was a direct application of Lidocaine, as needed.

This is what made life bearable  for me.  There was still a lot of time spent coughing, choking and hacking at the utility room sink (my home away from home).

You are just breaking into the get serious time, but don’t be scared, take it one day at a time and you will get through.  Remember, to keep the nurses and doctors in the loop to what is happening to you they will have ideas too.

Good luck, it does get better soon.


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Can't add much more to what Matt has already said. Hang in there, stay hydrated and make sure you're getting the protein needed for strength and endurance. Just remember these symptoms are temporary as you kick some azz. Stay positive.


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