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Obstruction, pain, hospital

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Hello my dear friends,

These past 2 months have been the hardest during the past 5 years. Today Dick woke up at 5 in severe pain. We had him at the ER by 8.  His pain was at level 9-10 most of the day. They could get a bit of control on it for about 20 minutes at a time.  It was a very, very hard start after a scan they started him on the NG tube and suctioned out about a liter of liquid.  He has an obstruction that we hope clears. Please pray for a restful night. I am staying at the hospital with him tonight.  Thanks for your susupport aloha,


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So, so sorry to hear this news. I hope the obstruction clears rapidly & that the pain has been controlled. Will be thinkng of you guys.



So Worried
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My prayers are with the both of you. So sorry to hear of this. I sure hope it clears!!!!! 

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oh Kathleen I am so sorry to read your post.  I can hardly believe that Dick was suffering so much pain for so long. Praying for an end to this obstruction and a good wee rest for both of you.

sending much love Kathleen, mags

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Prayers that Dick 's medical team will get that pain under control and that the obstruction clears quickly.

May the arms of peace and rest surround you both each night.

Hugs nnd love to you both.

Marie who loves kitties

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and Dick have been on my mind lately and have been wondering how he is doing on the new chemo.we havent heard anything so i thought no news was good news.please take care and i will blow a prayer right up to the Big Guy.i know being in pain sucks.love to you both....Godbless....johnnybegood

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I'll be thinking about you and pray for a speedy solution to your problem and so you could be home soon.


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I am so sorry to hear that Kathleen. I will pray for you both.

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I hope by now his pain is controlled and that you are both doing okay.

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will be sure and pray that Dick gets to the comfort level he needs in order to get out of the hospital and back home. 

Give him a HUGE hug for me, and tell him we're all thinking and loving and cheering roaring for him. 

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Sending prayers now that the obstruction resolves itself and his pain level goes down.  Hope he has a speedy recovery.  Sorry to hear this news.


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Sorry to learn about this latest development.  Will be thinking of you both.


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Thank you so much for your support!   Today is much better than yesterday.   Watching Dick at level 9-10 almost all day was so heartbreaking.   The meds worked or such a short time.  Since the NG tube, he is doing much better.  Still on the pain meds and pain is being managed.   The nurse just asked him his pain level and he said 2  :)     He says he can feel that the blockage has moved from the left side to the right!   So it is moving.   Now, no more getting stuck

They say he was real dehydrated and his potassium was high.  That got right on it and it is now in normal range.   They checked his heart and it is fine.    They said he had slight kidney damage but they expect that to totally resolve too.   The dehydration was very serious 

I'm going home for a few hours to check on our daughter with special needs.  A wonderful friend s coming to be with Dick.  She is the person who drove him in yesterday since I was already near the hospital for work. 

Thank you for all your support.  I'll keep you updated.  




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Nearly the other side of the world ! I'm so happy to see things are going better! Hope a fast recovery and see you both sailing very soon in your wonderful waters! Have a big hug!

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oh Kath thanks for the good update.  How wonderful that Dick's pain is being resolved.....get some sleep dear girl and know we all sending great heaps of love......hug hug mags

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I'm so glad to hear he's doing better!! My how scary for you. Thinking of you both and sending my best well wishes!
Winter Marie

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Hi everyone,


Dick's pain is improving. He is still on heavy pain meds but less frequent. They took his catheter out and want him to produce urine. He has urinated a bit but they are looking for more. Also waiting for a bowel movement. My answer to everyone who is praying for us is to "pray for sh*t". I tell them God  will get it.   

Earlier today they were worried about his potassium being high but they got that under control.  They checked his heart and it is ok. 

They say we will be in here a few more days.  Doc wants to make sure things are moving through his bowels before they let us go home.   

Thank God the woman who is skilled to help us with our daughter with special needs is able to stay the weekend.  

Thanks for all our support.  It has been almost 5 years that the people on this board have provided us support.  Thank you!!




Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Kathleen, you and Dick have been through so much.  I pray Dick's pain relief continues and the news gets better and better.  Everyone should have a 'Kathleen' at their side.



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Sorry I'm late in replying to all this. I'm so sorry Dick had to go through this, and I hope he's much better now.




Anonymous user (not verified)

About a week after my release from the hosp for my colon resection and liver biopsy, I started having upper abd pain.  I couldn't eat or drink even small amounts without it coming back up.  After two days of trying to deal with it at home the pain got so bad (now I know what a 10 is) I called my surgeon and went into the ER.  A small bowell obstruction. 7 mg of morphine took most of the edge off and when the ER doc came in to see me (I knew him from my many years of experience as a paramedic bringing patients into the ED) I only asked one thing of him: pain control.  Within minutes a nurse brought dilaudid in and put it in my IV. Complete relief.  My surgeon said he thought it was just inflammation from the resection surgery and suggested we wait a few days to see if it resolved itself, or we could go on to surgery and open me up.  Naturally I opted for the wait and see as long as the pain was controled.  Well after 11 days of NPO and no resolution, I told the doc to go ahead with the surgery.  I didn't think he would have waited that long, but he claimed it had been my decision to wait "a few days".  A loop of the small bowell had becomed trapped in one of the trocar incisions in my peritoneal lining and all he had to do was open me up, push it back through, and suture the peritoneam up, close the surgical wound, and we were done. I know what being hungry is now. I thought I knew what a 10 was when I had a bicycle wreck and broke my hip, but I wasn't even close to knowing a ten until the SBO.

I sure hope your resolution is easier and quicker than mine. Prayers are on their way up.  Dan

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Hi Dan,

thanks for the info.  Did they do Cat scans on you?  Could they not tell it was twisted?  Things seemed to be moving and then seem to have stopped again.   Did you have any gas and any passage of diarrhea during the 11 days or no movement at all? 





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I had no stool for about 10 days after my surgery. I had this brown liquid and gas though with sounds of the colon doing its thing. I ate quiet a lot, but it still took 10 for proper stool.

I wish you fast resolve,


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I'm glad Dick is getting some relief.  My husband had an obstruction after his 5th Folfox treatment.  It is scary with the dehydration.  And that nasty NG tube, which sure does the trick with relieving pressure in the belly.  One does of Milk of Magnesia worked his obstruction out.  They said it was probably the extreme constipation he had from day 1 of Folfox so they cut out the oxaliplatin completely.  The hospital is the best place for him, but I know it is hard on you (and your family) too.  Hang in there and I hope he's doing well today.


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