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Bile duct cancer

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Last July my husband (age 57) was diagnosed with Bile duct cancer , they figure started in the gallbladder. At that time 3 doctors deemed it inoperable. He did 10 rounds of chemo (cystplatin and gemobine) which shrank the lymph nodes considerably. He underwent surgery Sept 20th. They removed 70% of his liver, gallbladder, lymph nodes, and bile ducts (attached the small entestine to replace the bile ducts) and repaired a hernia while in there. He had a second surgery 5 days later due to a massive infection caused from bacteria from an outside bilinary drain and chemo therapy. He is now home, his margins are really low, and he is recovery on schedule. He is still very weak, but eating well and getting around with little help. Up until the surgery we did alot of research and found most opinions seemed to gear towards boosting the immune system. That said we removed all pork from his diet, minimized dairy, and sugar as best we could. he drank a protein drink which we made . During the chemo he gained back weight lost, had no side effects from the chemo, would have chemo come home change and go to work. Hope our story gives others some hope. We are not out of the woods but he is still here, enjoying life and getting stronger each day. This is a miracle in our books as a year ago doctors were giving him weeks to live and surgery was NOT an option.

prayers to everyone fighting this horrible disease!

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Congrats to your husband.  I hope he wins the battle.  Unfortately, my mother did not.  My Family & I are having a fundraiser at Friendly's in Delaware.  I'm not sure how close you are but would love to have you come help us raise more awareness for this horrible monster.  Prayers & thoughts to you and Your family.

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