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patricia g
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Joined: Apr 2013

I orginally was told that I had stage 4 lung cancer, a c.t. scan showed that the cancer had spread to my spine, ribs, and all my bones.  I have recently founmd out that I do not have stage 4 but rather stage 3.  What they thought was cancer in mybones, etc. was a rare genetic dease called "osteopoikilasis".  It show up on a scan as it glows and has

uptake just like cancer.  If anyone need information let me know. 

patricia g
Posts: 3
Joined: Apr 2013

It does nothing to you and it does not need to be treated.

z's picture
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I am so glad your drs found out that its not stage IV.  It looks like from what you wrote there is no treatment is necessary for the osteopoikilasis.  I hope that you will have treatment to get rid of the stage III cancer.  I wish you well, Lori

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Very happy that you are not stage iv.  What treatment are you having?  Good luck to you!

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