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Craig home from hospital

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Just to let you know that Craig got home from the hospital Wed. evening (10/30/13).  I beleive that he will have home health care coming in to help take care of his surgical wound.

There is no place like home.

Hugs and love to Craig and Kim.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for keeping us updated Marie - home is the best place to heal!

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Welcome home Dr.!

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to hear you are home now,there IS no place like home....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Tell Craig we are all thinking of him, and pulling for him to get through this.

And thanks for keeping us updated, Marie.  It's much appreciated.

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Great news!   Yes, nothing like being back in your own comfy bed.  :)

Craig, rest up now, and take care. 



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Thanks for the update Marie.

Craig if you are reading this I am glad you are home.

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Sure he will feel much better at home.  Hope he feels better soon.


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Thanks for the information,get well soon.It's good to be home. 

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Thanks Marie

Craig and Kim - Thinking of you guys.  That couldn't have been easy on top of all the other stress with which you're both dealing.  Hoping for a quick, pain free recovery.  Will this delay the chemo?

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Thanks, Kim, for posting the news.  

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for keeping us updated Marie!

Craig I hope that you heal quickly, as always I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Winter Marie

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Glad you are home!!  Dorothy said it all !! 

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Great news!  

Comfy bed, good food, no binging or ringing ... aaaahhhh home sweet home!  

Wishing Craig well and ease with healing. 


Thank you Marie! 

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We are glad that you are home Craig!


Remember to always click your heals three times.... there is no place like home, etc....


Best Always!  mike


PS  Thanks for the Mag!

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Thank you for the update on our mighty Craig.  I will continue to hold him in my prayers and send him warm aloha



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I am home. 

First, let let me tell you this....don't let anyone ever discount how easy it easy for an APPENDECTOMY.  Forget about it!  It hurts!  it is abdominal surgery after all....and it didn't help that it was performated and leakling into my peritoneal cavity and therefore was infected.  I had finally gotten obstructed as a hard piece of "rockk stool" had found its way into my appendix and shut the door on things.

Like a man, I hem-hawed around thinking I could overcome it....

I finally relented about midnight to make the long drive, because I was afraid it could burst and I would not make it to UTSW....and I didn't want to be stuck in my town....my hospitals are a quick place to die.......so off we went. 

Anyway, it was an open procedure due to the infection.  They put a wound vac on the affected area.....and sent me home with a portable wound vac machine.....I get to carry it 24/7 for the next 8-weeks or unti I heal.  Home Health will come M-W-F to change the dressings and such.  So far, the reports are glowing on how it looks and everyone seems happy, so I take that to heart. 

This was unforeseen......here's the rub. 

I was off Zaltrap for the past 4-wks (bad drug) and that turned out to be a good thing......did you know that Zaltrap can lead to intestinal performations?

I made a bold decision in my treatment program and decided to stop the treatment for a couple of cycles, so I coiuld try and meet my family and LMS.....I had checked my scans and 50% Folfiri was a mixed bag....it held my liver tumors stable....but i grew a cm all around on my lung tumors.  My mouth was burnt and I couldn't taste.....I figured the 5-week break would get some of that back and my energy too...and I might be able to taste something. 

I'm down close to 50 lbs now and have lost 4-6 waist sizes.....I had to buy new pants and shorts for the trip......

So, all looked on track until this derailment....

Funny thing, I'm not bitter about it.....extremely disapointed.....but I've seen the bigger picture....and here it is.....

First, if I had still been on chemo and ZALTRAP......honey baby, we'd have been in big trouble with this surgery.....as Zaltrap severely hinders healing of cuts.....I cut my leg open in August and it's not healed yet.....just as an example.

This could have been potentially life threatening but we'd have to have operated anyway......

Second, thank God, this did not happen while we were out on the road travelling down that way...can you imagine?

What happened?

Well, God knew how much this trip meant to me.....how badly I wanted it above my own life as I had temporarily discontinued chemo for the trip and was taking a risk to try and get something for me for a change.

So, He knew all of this.....and in his infinitre wisdome, pulled the plug on my trip.....but just may have saved my life.

I always look for the good....and this was the best I could come up with.  So I thanked him....rather than curse him. 

I'll meet back with the doc on the 15th and re-evaluate where we are going to go......I would imagine I need to raise the dosage to give this a chance.

With lung growth, the pain is there....current meds are now not meeting proper pain suppression, so will have to talk him about that.  We've just got to do something with this lung .....chemo is not going to shrink that tumor.

My hopes are to eradicate the liver involvement so we can switch to the lung.....in the meantime, hope the chemo can at least hold the advance.

I don't know I truly feel right now....some days I'm ready to go....some days I think if we can just get a foot hold on this thing.

Every now and then for a moment or two....I get a little scared.....but you didnn't hear that from me:)

Glad everybody got their mags1

Thanks for your continued support and i just wanted to fight through the pain to get to the keyboard to personally touch base with all of you.

Take it EZ....all my love to you!


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I have been gone for a few days.  Yikes, you have been thru the wringer.  From what I have read on Zaltrapp, it is just awful.  Well, you and Kim know how I feel about the two of you and how I am pulling for you to get everything on track again.  Love back at ya.....



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Don't know how you have been feeling, but you sound great. You got your groove back. You are a delight to all of us. Let us know what's next in your treatment and whatever it is, good luck with it.

With brotherly love,


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Thanks for updating all of us who are thinking of you.  I'm glad you're looking at the positive in all this.  My husband's appendix was removed with his colon resection, but there's always something right? 

I hope you continue to heal and can look to the future and getting those nasty tumors the heck out of your body.

Keep in touch


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my husband and I are home from my pilgrimage to the San xavier Mission in Tucson to give thanks for a good scan year 3. I prayed for all of us who live scan to scan. What a nice surprise to read the magazine. BUT now we need to get you back to a good place. Prayers continue.  

Three year ago our treasured dog had serious injuries in AZ from a Havalina and in AZ Family Pets get the best medical treatment. He also had a wound vac ... Saved his life.  We did not have pet insurance and after 3 weeks in intensive care you now know why he is our treasured pet.  You are a treasure on this board so we are with you in spirit as you heal.


So sending you prayers for a good plan and sending my Tai Chi energy too for healing.


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I can't believe what you've been through. I hope things keep getting better for you. Please heal quickly. I will, of course, keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Of all things to have to go through while fighting colon cancer - appendicitis! I'm so sorry you had to go through that but SO glad to see you posting and sounding like yourself in spite of all you've been through and are facing. I'm hoping to hear that once this thing starts healing, it will heal by leaps and bounds and you can get on with things. Yes, thank God this didn't happen while you were on vacation, and thank God you didn't get peritonitis. I wish to the strength to hang in there. I think you have it in you. Thinking of you.


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Not counting the magazine Tongue Out

This is my favorite.

I feel your spirit and where you've come in this long long journey of yours





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I am sorry to hear about all you have been through. I hope you recover quickly. I know that zaltrap is pretty rough, my wife is on it and it really wipes her out. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We need you to recover quickly, we all enjoy reading your posts. 

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I haven't been on here in awhile.... but always good to see good news of getting home from a hospital!!!


keep up the battle.


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Craig that is an amazing story....good grief what a trial.....glad that you are home and hope you can start healing.....gosh soooo hard for you.....hang in kiddo

much love and thanks for the mag....azine that is


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I was so happy when Kim posted that on facebook!



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Great to see you posting Craig,  feel better.    Yeah,  you really had someone looking out for you on this one with being off Zaltrap and not being on the road travelling.    Sheesh, pretty scarey.  

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My wound vac was acting up all day and there was a noticeable output of fluid and the resovorior was nearly full in just under one day.  Home health came out this morning and scared us a little with talk of the word "fistula."

She changed the drains and added some padding and adjusted the suction flow....all seemed okay......we were supposed to go into the surgeon in a week for a follow-up.....but home health called in today and they called us back and Kim wanted to go into the doctor to see what they think.

Glad we did....

The other surgeon....I like this guy better.....my guy is on vacation and has a terrible people repoire.....this guy you can talk to.  Anyway, they yanked the pump off and checked it out and reported that all was still okay and healing on course.  They just put a simple wet dressing and covered it and sent us out.  Kim will have to change the dressing a couple of times, but she has always been skittish, but we'll see.

Home health can get us back on the vac on Wednesday.

For a moment or two during the early nurse visit, I was thinking surgery again to repair this.....couldn't bear the thought of it again.....looks like we'll be okay for now......we're all watching and hoping.  I"m actually praying for a break that all goes well.  Don't know how much time.....vac will be up to 8-wks....and we know internal healing takes longer.

Time for a late Halloweeen tale of horror?

My appenxix was dead and "gangrened."  Doc said it was bad, bad, and bad. 

I really got lucky here.....I believe intervention was put into play here, given all the conditions.  This is something innocuous on the outside that couid kill you.  Sepsis was a big concern going into the surgery.  And apparently, alot of fluid had leaked into the abdominal cavity.

You know I have not felt well for some time.....Kim and I are wondering how long this may have been happening before we reached the jumping off point?

Hard to know....but this certainly played into some of that.

And I strongly believe that ZALTRAP played a role in the perforation itself....my onc will undoubtedly dismiss it......doesn't 'matter, because I believe it.....and I'm going to suspsend use of this drug.

I get the feeling that if I had not stopped treatment when I did and got off all drugs, this story would have a different kind of ending.

Now, I'm just hoping to get this behind me and pick treatment back up.......or ?

Anyway....No Trick - No Treat this year......but we avoided a big one still.  I'm grateful for that.

Feels good to know from the doctor that surgery is on the burner and that all seems to be progressing normally.  I guess the trip for a little piece of mind was worth it.  Goes to show you. thjat you just don't know who to listen to.

Be careful out there!


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Sending Light and Love your way brother. Hope this finds you feeling better than yesterday and not quite as good as you will be feeling tomorrow!

God be with you!

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and sounding like the Craig we all know and love!

But what a story...yikes.  I'm so glad this all played out as it did.  Sounds like you just barely avoided disaster.  I've had peritonitis and it's nothing to mess around with.

So if you decide to stay off Zaltrap, do you know what the next chemo would be?  Or are they thinking surgery?

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What a ride, so many things just worked out so that you're still here.  Someone has a plan for you and it doesn't involve giving up, I think.  It's so good to hear you back here on the board and I hope and pray that your wound continues to heal and the Drs. decide to do something about those lung mets!  Take care Craig!  Traci

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I am so thankful you were off of chemo when this happened, that was the part I was most worried about.  Maybe once the wound heals you'll start back on treatment?

I wonder if a lot of your not feeling good had to do with the appendix, how are you feeling now?

How did Kim do on the dressing changes? I sympathize with the being squeamish, I'm the same way, except it like to go all out and faint at the sight of wounds.

Thinking of you each day.

Winter Marie


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Damn Craig...what an ordeal! Glad to see you posting...please let us know how you are doing and what you decide about treatment.

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Thanks for the update.  I'm just glad that you gave in and went to the hospital, but sorry that you had to go through so much.  Glad you are home and can finally start healing.


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Glad to hear that you are home...let the healing process begin!

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