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salivary gland movement

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So, going in today for salivary gland movement on good side (tonsil cancer with enlarged lymph node) and having a medi port put in - but delaying the PEG input for about 2 weeks - reason is I am gong to a family wedding and have been delaying telling sibling and dad so as not to add to stress over the weekend - did not want to delay having the gland moved though because it would delay treatment start time - anyone have the movement done, how do you feel the next day and day after, is the scar big, my doc told me 4 inch scar under jaw - they move the gland to under my chin - any problems eating etc...  they are covering the scar wtih glue?


Still working on that one day at a time but anxious about not letting sibling and dad know at wedding - cannot hid the scar though


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steve, just want 2 say, try 2 stop worrying and enjoy the wedding.  once tx starts u won't be able 2 enjoy anything for a while so enjoy NOW.  my sister just had brain surgery and they glued her scar together,  it's amazing what docs can do these days!  deal with today ONLY, tomorrow will b here quick enuf with its own worries.  have fun at the wedding and we'll be waiting to hear about your wild time....lol.

God bless,


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I did the same as you because I was going to my granddaughters wedding. I had a large lymph node in my neck and had to do my hair to cover it, the only person to notice it was my ex husbands wife. (We,re all friends) the others were too busy with the wedding and didn't,t know. I didn't want to spoil anything  for a happy day.

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