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Anyone familiar with this? Hubby was dx'd with CLL 17 years ago, Onc feels that this treatment will help. 4 weekly infusions. 

this will be his first treatment. He is 78 and is still going strong.

thank you!



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Hubby had this condition for 17 years, Why medicine now? Get a second opinion.  I know nothing of this disease, but if he is still going strong. Why go putting toxicity in his body now.  GET A SECOND OPINION.  Wish you and huby well. please let me know what the outcome is.

Lee Mongrue
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Hi Sue,

I am 71.  I was diagnosed  with CLL at 61 in 2004.  I began IV Rituximab, floudairabin (sp) and Coll (sp) in 2007 every 28 days for 6 mos.  No problem with side effects, good meds for side effects increased appitite and gained a few pds.  My advice is that his age may present a few challenges.  Both chemos were supposed to be easliy tolerable.  The Rituximab was, but I was younger.  The last round in the spring of 2014 (can't remember the name of the drug) was a big challenge.

My story is below:

then...Last fall 2013 I began another round of chemo (not the same as  before) and had physical challenges with appetitie and fatigue.  I chose to stop treatment afer #5 and skip the final #6 since I was so weak and thin.  Dr did not agree at first, but eventually did go along with my decision to stop.  I took a month off to recoup my energy.  Dr ageed that it was a good decision when we met a few months later, he indiecated that my age (69 at the time) may have been a factor in the challenges I had.  He recommend I join clinical trials with Revelimid. This my 12 month in trials.  Last week I had a CAT that indicated lymphs were beginning to grow again.  Now what?  I will see him next week to determine if I can remain in study or not and what could be next.  I am considering another break from any chemo like med for 90 days and instead embark on a more hemeopathic treatment that may include alternatives such as no animal protein and ingesting Phoenix  tears.  This is all new to me even  though I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago and continue to work.  Fatigue is a factor always.  You should be in charge of your treatment, inform yourself, and if at 78, the treatment is too much, then consider quailty of life vs quantiy.  I do know that after a yr away from chemo, I have recovered more of my energy than I  expected.

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