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Book being published NHL Two Time Survivor

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I want to share my story to help inspire people who have Cancer in their life somehow. I was 28 when Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Cancer of the Immune System). I did Chemotherapy for six months. Because of the chemotherapy, a blood clot formed in my heart and I needed Open Heart Surgery. A year later was told the Cancer came back and I had 18 months to live. In order to have a chance I did a clinical trial consisting of four intense Chemo treatments plus a Stem cell transplant. It was then at my darkest moment that God came to me. He gave me a choice to stay here or go with him above. I told him I would stay only if he made my life worth living. He agreed. I am 36 years old, four years in Remission, Married to my wonderful husband Jesus (that's his real name) and we have a 14 month old son named Noah, our pride and joy. I was also told I could never have kids. I have also published a book recently called "Cancer Can Be A Blessing," that explains my first journey. I want the world to read it. Please help. Belinda R. Two-time Cancer Survivor, Published Author, Wife and Mother.

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