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Finished rads

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I have now finished my rads. I,m Ok not too much damaged, I have no ulcers so far but some burns on my neck. I,m having a lot of wrenching and heartburn. The doc has given me new tablets for acid but it was even worse tonight I was very sick tonight. does anyone else suffer with acid reflux

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Glad to hear you are done with rads and I'd say you are in darn good shape on average. Quite a few experience more issues the coming month but I held even for about two weeks and started back up. Phrannine and I met when I was two weeks post rads and was able to post a smiling face. :-)

Hang in there, don

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You're done.....honey, that is wonderful news....acid reflux or not, I hope you did a little twirl around the kitchen.

I didn't have reflux, but my husband did.....he used Prilosec OTC....(he had it so bad, they ran a cam up a vein to check his heart out)....it takes a while to work, tho...like a few days.  Hoping the med the Doc gave you will do the trick.  One thing is for sure.................................................................you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.....you can rest.  Time to start healing.


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Like Phrannie said, you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow!  Glad to be finished but remember it still takes awhile.  Acid reflux, yes, but I have had it for years.  I take 1 Nexium in the morning 30 minutes before I eat, it has worked for me.  I did receive a note from insurance that they will no longer pay for the Nexium.  I don't know if it will be over the counter or if I will have to get a new prescription.  Well at least I didn't get the letter that said I would loose my insurance.

(You might need to add another pillow or two to battle the acid reflux)

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ding, ding, ding!!!  listen to that bell ring for jf!!  it seems like you just started and u're already done! that is amazing.  i'm very happy for you.  no more rads means you have more time for you and healing now.  i take generic previcid for my acid reflux and it works for me.  that's another option you have.  i hope you find something that works b/c i know that can be a real problem.  hang in there and let us know if you find something that works.  I'll be praying.

God bless,


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Great news on finishing up the rads....

As for the AR, it's pretty common among many of us post Tx... Myself and others have been prescribed, Protonix, Nexium or some other PPI. One of the few things that I believe is more a result of chemo instead of radiation...

It can help a lot by not eating anything several hours before bed.. Also like mentioned to have your upper body elevated can help also...



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I'm sure it must be a huge relief!!! 

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The doc gave you tablets for acid, not tablets for antacid?

Sorry about the acid reflux, I am a Prilosec user with great results.

I will ring my bell for you in the morning.

Sleep in and heal on!


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Anti acid I stand to be corrected Matt. So far today I,ve been Ok. I,ve sat in my recliner with just my feet up but my back straight. I,ve been sipping lots of  water.  I feel queasy at smells.  I lost my taste buds but smells increase in intensity, did anybody get extra sense of smell. My daughter cooked steak,onion gravy and mash yesterday made me sick with the cooking smell even through the door was shut.

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Glad to hear the rad is completed remember you will continue to feel the effects for sometime after but then things will turn aroung and start getting better. I was very lucky and was able to take just Tums for acid reflux; also my doctors had me sleep on a 30 degree angle. Now that I use a PEG I find I need to always sleep on the 30 degree angle to stop the liquid food for coming back to haunt me at night


Take Care


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Ring that bell!!  I am so happy to hear that you are DONE and still doing quite well!  Congrats...now rest, heal and enjoy life :)

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Ingrid K
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Congrats on ending treatment.....that is a HUGE milestone for all of us.

I remember that day well, so good for you.

Can't add much to the posts for acid reflux, but Mom has been on Nexium for years with good results, but it is very pricey.  Hope some of the OTCs will work for you.

Now time for healing, so wish you a speedy recovery.

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Everyone for kind remarks and support during my treatment. I have to see my Doc each week at the hospital, I think next week is the last one till I recover a bit more, then I have the camera thingy up my nostrils and back of throat. I also have an appointment with dental specialist, I want to know how soon I can start dental hygiene again. I can't believe the rads have finished. it's Halloween tonight,  I,m tempted to put my mask with witches hat on and a light inside on the front step it glows like an alien.

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So good to hear you have your treatments behind you.  This stuff cooks a bit, the side effects seem to conline a few weeks after.

Love te mask idea For tonights tricks for those treaters!  

 I am 7 weeks out now and my energy level is back, mouth is now about 90% normal and skin is getting there.  hang on...the best is yet to come!  Claiming the worst is behind you!  I hope you've found something to help with your acid reflux.  I was not blessed with one so I really am not able to offer any help with this.  

In reference to your ? about dental hygeine, My surgeon ask me to wait at least 4 months to have a dental cleaning Etc. she also told me not tto let anyone move to hasty to have too much done while my mouth heals over the first year.  thankfully my dentist is familiar with radiation patients,  I am scheduled for January to see my dentist unless something creeps up.  I have kept up with all my flossing, rinsing and brushing after each meal.  Fluoride trays are a hit and muncle if my mouth isn't happy that day  :=} 

prayers for continued healing,


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I've taken Protonix (generic version) when I first started rads and have kept using it ever since. Finished June 12th of last year. Great drug. I take it first thing in the morning, wait 30 min and then can eat or drink as usual. ZERO heartburn.

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Some of us claim to have a bionic-nose.  I could detect anything with a single sniff.  I even went as far as to apply for a “Drug Dog” position, but the magic stopped and I could not detect a whiff of dope. (guess I needed more rads).


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Along with others congrats on finishing - that is terrific, I wish you the best for great healing in the time to come - and thank you for your comments to my other posts they are really helpful and fill me with strength


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Congrats  on finishing Rads! that is a huge huge accomplishment. 

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Sounds like you made it through without many complications. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!

Being tall I hit my head on things more than others. Last night I did so and now I know why...........I rang my bell for you.

Heal on


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congrats on finishing...there was a bell in the center i had treatment and we all rang it when we finished....it was kind of corny but felt really good to ring it i must admit..I hear the bell ringing for you....now the healing begins....I too had some reflux....and still take prilosec otc everyday....seems to do the trick...and I am five weeks out of treatments...i am sure it will start getting better soon

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