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why are my little evnelopes always gray?

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Joined: Mar 2011

I noticed whenever I post my little envelope turns gray. Anyone know why?


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Ingrid K
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Joined: Mar 2011

Funny you should mention that.

I have the opposite problem....my envelopes always stay yellow so I never know if I've seen a post or not.

They used to turn grey once I replied to or read all the posts in a particular thread.

I think they turn grey so you know which ones you haven't opened yet (the yellow ones)


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Joined: May 2012


Yellow indicates something not read

Gray indicates something read

Yellow & gray indicates new message since you have read.

They turn gray to indicate you have accessed a thread.  If someone posts after you the envelope turns back to half yellow and half gray to indicate a new message.  Whether it turns yellow or gray is also dependent on how you get back to the opening page of H&N.  If you simply go back, all is still yellow, if you force a regen, all is updated.


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You two.  Goes to show you how observant I am.  I hadn't even reallly noticed them.

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jim and i
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I was confused by the title of this post. When I read the post I had to scratch my head since I never noticed them either.


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I get mine special delivery...

full unopened yellow

full unopened gray

opened yellow

opened gray

Like Matt said, it all depends on if you've read the tread before or not, if you have and there's been responses since, if you've posted to it, if anyone has posted to it since you did, how you login in....,etc..., LOL.


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i've always wondered why some look as tho there is a letter sticking out of them and some don't.  anyone know why?


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