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Husband went to his GP - not neuropathy

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Well we finally went to see our GP for my husbands low back pain, leg tingling & numbness.

The doc took an xray of my husbands back and he has significant Degeneratiion on his L3, L4 & L5 lumbar along wuth significant compression.

So, it all boils dow to degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis.

We have a MRI and nerve test scheduled fot the 6th. I hope he does not need surgery.

My man is falling apart, I tell ya...

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Age has a way of doing these things to us. Hopefully, you'll have all the facts and a solution soon. If it does take surgery, he can do it!

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jim and i
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We are all falling apart. Jim has problems with his upper back and arms. He will not have a scan because he thinks it might be more cancer and he will not go through more radiation treatment. He also has pain and weakness in his left leg after sitting awhile.

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Spine issues are NO fun !  I've had issues with a rotten back most of my adult life.  It can be very dibilitating.  I have never had surgery done, but my kid sister just had what I call 2 C-clamps put in her spine.  Above and below the damaged discs in her spine.  Newer procedure to slow the compression damage being done.  There is so many advancements being done today it's amazing !  I hope he doesn't need any surgery....and through PT help strenghthen what he has.  Keeping you both in my thoughts !  Katie 

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