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Going into Chemotherapy with a cold?

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Advice and suggestion?

I think I am coming up with a cold.  Feeling tired and a headache.  The weather recently changed.  It rained yesterday and temperature dropped to 60 degrees. 

Tomorrow is my second round of chemotherapy.  I will bring this up with the doctor tomorrow.  But in the meantime, does anyone have any knowledge on this?


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immediately when you walk in the door....I don't think it will affect your getting the chemo, but they'll want to mask you up so you don't spread the wealth to others getting chemo. 


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Your immune system has been weaken by the Chemo you have already had so it is very easy for you to pick-up a bug. Make sure you inform the doctor he may give you some additional medicine to take to help with the side effects.  Also as Phrannie say please cover up to keep for spreading it to anyone else in the treatment office.


God Bless


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