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My consult at Mary Crowley

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1st of all I was very impressed with the doc who interviewed me.  She was very informative, knowledgeable and answered all my questions at my level of understanding and expectations.

The Phase 1 trial she recommended and I agreed to is a new genetically enhanced protein. The normal protein is common to all our cells. It tells the older cells to die so new ones can duplicate to replace it.  Cancer cells have mutated and formed 2 genes (P53 & MDM2) that block our normal "doomsday" protein which allows the cancer to continue growing and enlarging while continuing to reproduce uncontrolled. This new drug (pill) will be able to inhibit the 2 mutated genes and tell the cancer cells to die. Pending some additional blood work they are doing on my blood, I will find out soon if I am able to participate in this trial.

The 2nd option (a Phase 2 trial) she gave me uses a bacteria that is common to our digestive system. It thrives in a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment. This bacteria has been genetically modified to be given by injection into the blood stream which allows it to seek and inhabit the hypoxic environment of cancer cells. Cancer cells have a high metabolic rate which uses their oxygen quickly, so they have "learned" to thrive in a hypoxic state. This bacteria attaches to the cancer cells to consume them and destroy them. An enzyme made by this bacteria converts a 2nd round injected precursor drug into 5FU so the 5FU is directly in the cancer environment rather than throughout the body (as it is used now) which will eliminate or reduce the side effects of the 5FU.  Not to mention that the 5FU will be targeted directly into the cancer. 

I'll tell you about option 3 later, but for now there are no promises, these are investigational drugs. However this is the wave of the future.  Directly targeting specific genes in the cancer rather than treating the entire body for cancer.  2 yrs ago it took weeks and lots of money to sequence the structure of a gene.  Today with powerful computers to put all the genomes in place only takes a few hours. The abnormal genes and genomes can be singled out for targeted therapy to be developed. 

Here's hoping I can help with the development of these new therapies and benefit my own life.  Follow me as I travel the new blazing trail into the future.


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That sounds interesting and promising.  I hope your results will let you get the treatment you want.  Keep us posted.

Is this in the US?  Thanks


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Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center, Medical City Hospital, Dallas Texas.  I live in Fort Worth, TX.  about a 1 hr drive to North Dallas.

Check their web site. Just type in your search engine "Mary Crowley Cancer Research".

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For the info Smile

Anonymous user (not verified)

I forgot to mention that there is another research center in Mass doing these same trials and others.  i don't know the location or name and I'm sure there are other research centers in the US and in Europe with the same types of studies going on.

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Thank you for posting this.  Most importantly, I hope one or more of these strategies helps you.  Keep us posted.  

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Glad that you are pleased with your doctor and the new trial.  I'm hoping that it has great results for you with minimum side effects.


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I will closely follow your story, best of luck!  Thanks for blazing the trail, one which I will more than likely walk...



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Thanks for the inspiring info Dan. I pray that you have lots of success with whatever trial you choose.

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I hope the trial goes really well for you. Best wishes!

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Hi Dan,

I wish you much success with this new trailblazing trial; I pray that it works well for you.

Best wishes always,


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