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On my second bout of chemo.

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Hi all I have been reading your posts for awhile now. It is nice to hear from others

with this dreaded disease. Good and bad.

I was diagnosed

just over two years ago. I was told I had ovarian cancer, and that they

where going to do a total hysterectomy. Excuse my spelling.

The operation was  Oct 21 2011. (Also my birthday).  When it was all over they informed

my husband and myself that they were unable to operate. Then the doctor explained to us

that it was peritoneal cancer. And was given 2 weeks to two years to live.

     After my first chemo things went well. But now I am at chemo again.

Just over 2 years later.

And my last ca-125 was the highest it's ever been. (After having 3 treatments).

  And I have, the high stomach pain. Comes and goes.

I do have alot of questions, but just wanted to intoduce myself  and tell you my story.


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It will be 2 years In dec of this since I was diagnosed with stage 4 PPC. I was perfectly healthly not knowing I was full of this horrible disease. I had a 5 1/2 hr surgery and 6 aggresive rounds of carboplantins,taxol and trial drug of avastin. Then 3 more treatments of carboplatins and taxol. Ct came back Ned of cancer but my ca 125 only came down to 48. In just a few months my ca125 started climbing and continued for 7 months. So I guess you can say I was in remission for 7 months. I think there were still cancer cells there but not visible on the ct scan. They did some test and found cancer cells. I went back on carboplatins for 3 months no response. My ca125 soared high by then up to 2900 higher than they were when I was diagnosed. I finally got in a clincial trial of docile and amg380. My ca125 are now 4075 and I have as cites which can't be drawn off because it isn't in pockets. Needless to say I look 6 months pregnant. I probably won't see any results till dec. that is if I respond. What kind of chemo did you receive? What are your ca125 numbers now. They are telling me according to my pet scan and ct scan I dont have alot of disease. Makes no sense since my CA's are so high. Good luck to you and I will try to answer any questions you have. You are in my prayers.


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Nice to hear from you. So sorry to hear about your ca125 numbers and everything else

related to this aweful disease.

I was to see my doctor yesterday, (my surgeon). I have had 4 treatments, of 6, of chemo in my second session.

My doctor seems to think the chemo isn't working as my numbers are up. 

So now waiting to get a cat scan to determine how much cancer is still there.

I am on the same regiment as you, carboplantins & taxol. My doctor suggested I see

another doctor who specializes in cancer medicines. But are all experimental, or natural.

As far as my ca125 the highest it's ever been is 107. And that was 3-4 weeks ago. When I see

people on here with 1000- 3000 it blows my mind. I do live in Canada weather that makes a difference

or not. Hope to hear back from you Nadine or anyone. Take care. Prayers to you.      2013-11-06


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Thanks for responding.I had my CA 125 test this week and after one treatment of Doxil and 4 weeks of the trial drug AMG386 which I hope I am receiving surprisingly they had came down from 4075 to 3027 which was good news so maybe I am responding. I am like you about the CA 125 when I had all the disease they were only 15092 which I thought was high until I read on this site how high some of the ladies CA's were. Good luck with your CT scan for when my CA's started rising about a year ago I had several scans but nothing was visible to the eye. So in May the dr. decided to try to repair my incisional hernia and take a look in the abdominal area to see if there were any cancer cells. Needless to say he found a couple of spots on my liagments which were benign but the adbominal wash out showed cancer cells. They tell me I don't have alot of diisease but it makes not sense for my CA 125's are so high. Take care and keep in touch.



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Best wishes to you. I too am in my 2nd chemo program, though not because of a recurrence.  I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer in July 2012 & immediately underwent 6 months of chemo. (I had already had a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago.) After completing chemo, it was suggested I should have surgery to remove any traces of tumors, so I did that in February 2013. Unfortunately some biopsies from that surgery came back positive, so I went back on chemo in March and will finish that program in December. I am feeling very well and was declared N.E.D. -- no evidence of disease -- in September. I'm hoping that continues!

Hoping to hear from you again on this forum and once more wishing you all the best! FYI, I've been blogging about my PPC at www.CaringBridge.org/visit/CaroleSeaton

Sometimes the sequencing on that site doesn't work right, but you get the idea. . . .

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