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IMRT Salvage radiation is complete!

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On Friday I completed my final 38th round of IMRT delivered salvage radiation to the prostate bed. The salvage radiation was started in early Sept. 4 years after my Davinci Surgery. A positive margin was noted back than and my psa increased over the past year from 0 to .3

A total of 68 gy were delivered. Over all the treatments were non eventful compared to what I had pictured in my mind.

Side effects have been tiredness that comes and goes. Need to urniate more frequently and loose bowel.

I see the Doctor in two weeks to follow up on side effects. Then In February 2014 my PSA will be tested to see if the beast has been knocked back to 0 again.

Lewvino (larry)


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Hi Larry,

Wishing you a speedy return to normal and hoping along with you for a big fat zero in February.


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Glad to hear that this part of your fight with the beast is over.  Now we both have traveled the same road--davinci, positive margin, radiation etc;  I am confident that your psa will again be zero. BTW--just had mine checked and it is still undetectable !! next check-up is in one year. Take care and keep fighting the good fight.---Dan

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Glad to read the good news for each of you. Congrats!

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Glad to hear that your rad treatment is complete.

I had IMRT 4 years ago - 42 sessions, but I don't recall the dosage  (it was maximum I could receive).  Worked great for me.

I was too far advanced at the time to have any surgery - cancer in adjacent lymph node, but hadn't gotten to any bone.  Androgen blockers and radiation were only my options.

Hate the side effects of the blockers, but, oh well...

Fingers crossed the IMRT knocked the beast back back to zero.

I've heard about post-radiation problems, but I haven't had anything permanent (big sigh of relief....).  Some tiredness (blockers?) and an increased need to urinate, some loose bowels.  Nothing horrible.  Has gotten back to normal since.

I did have visible blood in the urine a year after the treatments stopped.  My wife pointed out that maybe it was the aspirin I was taking (unrelated back pain).  I stopped the aspirin and the bleeding stopped.  I had been taking a couple of regular-sized aspirins every day for about a week.  No bleeding since.

Best of luck to you!





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Congratulations and best wishes as you move forward.

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Glad to hear you have completed this phase.  Hoping all is well on your next evaluation.



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Glad you made it through this with minimal effect and I hope your symptoms clear up quickly!



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Hey Larry....good to hear that you have completed your treatment...Like you, I have a positive margin plus + but I'm still keeping the beast away by diet/exercise and keeping my fingers crossed...


All the best

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