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Chief Daddy Mike doing OK now

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I got to talk to Mike, he was in the hospital with broken ribs and some smashed toes. He was working in a builder removing a metal door when the cement blocks above the door frame gave way and fell on him. The guy that was helping him was able to keep the door from falling on him but the bricks hit him on the way down. He is out of the hospital now and doing OK but one sore dude.  


Thanks for all your prayers


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Thank you for keeping us informed.  That guy never seems to have a very easy time of it.  Hopefully he will be able to mend.  Cold and wet in Oregon now, hopefully that won't bother his injuries, he is probably younger than I am, weather sometimes reminds me of old injuries.  He and his daughter are in our prayers.



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Thanks Tim, tell him I said Hello..., and I got to meet Dawn a few weeks ago..., I know she sends her thoughts and prayers also...


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jim and i
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Thanks for the update. Prayers going out for the entire family.


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thanks tim.  mike and hid daughter r always n my thots and prayers!  please tell them hello.

God bless,


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Poor Mike....ribs and feet....my butt cheeks clenched with the mental pics  of toes and ribs....ribs are so dang painful and the pain goes on forever it seems.  Glad he ok, but he's going to be one sore dude for awhile.


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For your prayer and best wishers, I will let Mike know


God Bless



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Thanks for the update. He gives me a ton of motivation.

Hope you are doing well too.



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