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Hopeful Girl1
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Friends and Fellow Survivors,


Happy week-end to all.

I just read that apples help ward off 7 or 8 types of cancer.


Love and Healing to all!




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Not sure I've heard this one, but do remember applies must be ORGANIC!!!  Skins are loaded with pesticides.


Happy chewing,


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Apples are great, especially green ones in juice. However, I also have read an agree with Jan: apples MUST be organic.


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Yes, recent research shows that the substance in apples that makes them a potent anti-cancer food is quercetin--also found in onions, by the way.


However, realize that apples are also a source of sugar, albeit natural fructose--so don't overdo it; I wouldn't have more than one half an apple a day.  Great with almond butter to slow down the sugar absorption; also good in smoothies with kale, by the way.  


Research this week also shows that blueberries and grapes together create a potent anti-cancer compound.  But once again, make sure they are organic; grapes are highly polluted otehrwise.  And small quanities--a qusrter cup at a time, no more, in oatmeal or in a salad, perhaps.








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