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Having a big ole self pity party this weekend. Hate doing this but

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Hi Ladies,

I haven't posted in a while.  As of late August my disease is still stable!! Thankful for that.  Still doing Doxil ever 4 weeks (except most treatments are delayed because of low platelets).  Last treatment was 10/16.  I see my dr. this upcoming Wednesday.  Ladies I am SO fatigued.  I am angry because I feel like doing is resting after working part time.

I have so much to be thankful for that I should not be whining, but I am.  I am finally fulfilling my life time dream of teaching.  I am teaching Tech Tot classes and Leggo club classes in private schools/day cares.  I LOVE my job.  I have 3 kids for 30 minute classes, ages 2-6.  Of course, I group the kids by their ages as much as possible.  The Leggo club is after school for grades 1-4.  These require 2-3 teachers as there as so many kids.  By the way, I had no idea that leggos could be robiotic.  :)  The pay is really good and I will be basically making the maximum I am allowed on disability.

Here's the schedule, which I think is causing the fatigue:

Monday a.m. 4 tech tot classes  9:00-11:00  p.m. 3:00-4:30 Leggo club

Tuesday a.m. 2 tech tot classes 10:00-11:00  p.m. 3:00-4:30 Leggo club

Wednesday Leggo club 2:15-2:45   2:50-3:15 tech tot class (same school)

Thursday Tech tot classes 9:45-10:54  and 11:45-12: 45  These two schools are about 25 minute drive from me.  Thurs. afternoon 3:15-4:45 tech tot classes.

We are off on Fridays except once per month we have a staff meeting for 2 hours where we also pick up our new curriculum for the next month.  I absolultey love my job, especially the tech tot classes.  Through various means I am teaching tech skills and K and 1st grade readiness skills.  I love my kids. 

My problem is that by the time I"m in and out, loading and unloading my stuff for 4 days I'm too tired to do anything for fun.  I am absolutely exhausted.  I could cut back, but I really need the income. 

I think I will talk about it with my doctor Wed. and my boss very soon. I may have to give up a day, which I would prefer to give up Thursday if it comes to that so I would have an extra day.

I hope all you ladies are doing well. I hate it when I get in these "funks."  I am teaching 17 classes per week (Mon-Thurs.)

Thanks for allowing a safe place to vent.












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Hope you don't mind, I am a visitor from the uterine board (UPSC is very closely related to ovarian)

I would guess it feels that giving up some of your work it saying the beast has won, but it hasn't.  Remember the battle you just fought and what you put your body through.  They have thrown powerful drugs at you and your body is still recovering.  Perhaps you can reduce your load for a time and re-examine how you feel then? 

For people (and you sound like one of them) used to go-go-go, accepting the fatigue is slow to leave us, if very hard. 

Pity parties are ok, you found the place where you can take it out and talk about it with people who truly understand. 

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Pamela B
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 Your schedule exhausts me and I have been off all chemo for months!  It does take a lot out of us and it hard, at least for me, to admit I can't do as much as I used to.  Is there anyone to help with the loading and unloading?  Wish I were there to help.  The classes sound great!  Hope you are feeling peppier after a relaxing weekend.

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could tell us what to really expect.  I am three months out from chemo and still tire easily.  I know my body has taken a hit for the second time in three years but I am also unmotivated to do things.  I also realize I am not a young chick anymore.  At times I think I have just become lazy.

I am so happy for you Carla.  You are doing fulfilling work.  Only you can decide how much you are capable of doing.  Hopefully your strength will increase in time.  At least you are doing something you love.

My very best to you.


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I'm so happy that you are stable and in a fullfilling career that you love.  Your husband would be proud.  In terms of your fatigue, I think it's a good idea to have a chat with your doctor and boss.  Perhaps you will decide to temporarily cut back on your work hours in a way that won't hurt your income too much.  Maybe your doctor will have some suggestions for the fatigue and how to handle it.

Whatever you decide, you know we're here for you!


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Thanks Ladies.


I am feeling better today.  I think a good night's sleep will help as much as anything.  I feel ready to go teach again the morning! :) 



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I'm happy to hear you are feeling a little better about things today.

I agree with everything the other gals have said.  My suggestion is to see if you can rearrange your class schedules so that you don't have so many trips out.  Instead of doing a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon, try to get them all in the morning, or all in the afternoon, so you only have one block of work per day.  And ask for whatever help you need with the loading, etc.

hang in there!

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Hearty Pioneer
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I too teach pre school.  I am a special education teacher in a pre school setting.  I love my job, and it has helped me get back to a "normal" schedule. Nothing like a young child to lead you to what is really important, a smile, a hug, and exploring the world.

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Fatigue seems to come with most treatments. And as you say, the fatigue is mental as well as physical, so feeling down is part of the fatigue syndrome. I don't know any way to combat this, other than eating well, exercising sensibly, and getting adequate rest. I do all of that and still have a day or two of tiredness after each chemo. But the rest of my days are good, so I don't feel right to complain. It seems you're doing a LOT more than I am and have a heavier chemo treatment. I admire you, I really do.

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 I am currently on Doxil and I feel more tired now than on any other chemo. Can you get a power nap between classes? You are doing very well compared to me.But sometimes I just have to power thru the exhaustion and get things done. Your job sounds great!


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