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Arm pain after neck dissection

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I've been feeling so great lately, had a negative scan a few weeks ago so I'm not worrying about C reappearing, but lately I've noticed problems with my left arm. 

I've had two neck dissections, one in October of 12 to remove nodes and tissues that lit up on the scan, they tested positive for weak, minor inactive disease, so a good thing I had the surgery.  A scan in March that I was confident would be clear still showed issues, so referral to a specialist (full professor of ENT at Albany Medical College) and a second selective dissection in March of this year.  All 7 nodes removed tested negative, no problems post-op, but now I have this very uncomfortable sensation that goes from my neck all the way down my left arm and into my fingers.  It almost feels like when you whack your funny bone but not quite as intense. 

I see the ENT this Monday and will bring it up, and I'm thinking some issue with scar tissue pressing on a nerve.

I've not seen anything posted on the site about this nor have I seen anything on the super thread. 

Anyone experience something like this?  Anyway to resolve it?





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I don’t know about the arm, I had a lot of radiation to the head and the treatment damaged one of the nerves. It gives me a lot of problems on the left side of my face down into the neck and sometime to the left arm. I find that I can no longer pick the arm straight up to reach for something with out it hurting. Just another side effects that I am learning to life with.


God Bless


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like you said nerve in neck i got steroid enjections been good 3 years

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I get weird feelings and sensations all around my neck, shoulder and upper back.  The docs say it's the nerves that were damaged during surgery and rads. I can scratch my upper back (in between my shoulder blades) and "feel" it in the front of my neck. 

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