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Home sweet home!

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Hi Guys,

  Feels like I've been gone forever! We are finally home from our cross country road trip. Total miles we traveled was 6,035. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. I have been feeling great with nothing to complain about. My next check up and blood work will done the first week in December. No scan until April. I hope everyone is doing well, and now that I'm home I will start checking the group site each day. Kiss As Dorothy said..."there's no place like home"! Smile Talk to you soon...Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63) In remission.

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Welcome back, Sue.  Hope you didn't encounter too many witches or flying monkeys along the way :).  Were you able to get those ruby slippers off your feet?  Been out of town myself (Atlanta, GA) and looking forward to going home soon.  A good friend moved there for work almost two months ago and I've been keeping his dog until he got settled. I got so attached to her (dog) and of course I spoiled her.  Her only fault was she liked to bark/attack animals on TV and it could be anything from Godzilla to cartoon animals.  It was funny and cute at first but soon got old :).  Outside of that, she is the sweetest dog in the world and a great companion.

Hugs - Jim

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I sure missed having you around, Sue. Six thousand miles!! Wow. Will you be posting some pictures?




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When we came back to home port on the sub after a deployment, it was like getting out of a ten year prison gig. (A "Deployment", in the Navy, is a scheduled at-sea perriod of 90 days or more).

Bless indeed your return to "Home Sweet Home."


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