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OT - Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is rapidly approaching and I want to remind those of us who are Veterans (I'm Army), spouse/SO (Hubby's Navy ret.)1, other family members, friends who are Veterans, there are several 'chain' resturants who offer free meals to Veterans on our 'Day'. 

Golden Corral is doing their meals on Nov 14th.  Haven't checked yet with Applebee's or the other chains here yet what they're offering this year (Hubby and I usually go to Applebee's for lunch and Golden Corral for supper and always see friends we don't see often.

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Thank you all for your service.  Hubby Nam vet. I hear more in the dreams than from what he says.

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Thanks for your service.....................

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It is encouraging to see how many people are recognizing our service members. During our Viet Nam years that certainly wasn't the case. I live in "Military City USA" San Antonio, Texas so perhaps it's more prevalent here, but we have parades, concerts, and special events all over town. On a personal level, when we are out in the community and my husband has his "Retire A.F" hat on, people come up to him all the time to thank him. So an added extra benefit is that those who should have gotten a pat on the back 45 years ago, are getting it now.

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Thank you so much for your service!!! My son just joined the Army in July. He is stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. So proud of him for the choices he has made and for wanting to serve our country!!Laughing



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Many thanks ... to you and your Husband.


Blessings and HOPE.


Vicki Sam 

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Thank you and your family members for their service!  My niece and nephew-in-law are currently Navy.  My father-in-law and uncle served in the Air Force.  My brother served in the Marines and my dad was Army. :-)

Lynn Smith
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Same with me and my husband.He is a Viet Nam Vet Purple Heart Recipient.He gets Thank Yous all the time.  The last couple years he has been talking alot more about the War.It's hard for him but he's wants to talk. Since I dated a guy that was in the Army before I met my husband he helps me to understand things.The guy I dated was killed in Viet Nam.I went into hysteria when they came to me and told me. My husband supports that and he always goes with me to put flowers on the family graves. 

I can't imagine what my husband went through with all he lost in his outfit.He collapsed once when we went to the Wall.3 men came to his rescue and we were driven back to our car.A week later he had a heart attack.Still though we go to the WALL any chance we get when it comes to local towns.Some of the towns have their own WALL for those lost in certain counties. I also was in shock when I met the guy I dated sister and Mother at the WALL.My husband and I were looking for his name and his sister asked"Who are you looking for".I told her and it was a nice chat but painful for both of us.I was very emotional. I have to say I had a premonition I was meeting them.I did. Truly their was a Angel who made it happen.I believe that in my heart.

The heartache losing my friend(and a couple others) I can't imagine my husband's heartaches he lives with. Our son was a Marine but was lucky and didn't get shipped overseas during the Gulf War.He did travel everywhere in those 4 years but never had to face the War.6 months before he was to finish his 4 years his unit was shipped over.He got to stay behind. 

Lynn Smith

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Just thought I'd pass on something that the local Elementary School did for Veterans Day.  I don't know where 

or how they came  with a list of some of the Veterans in the area but they did.  Hubby got a hand drawn paper (looked to be probably 2nd or 3rd grader) in the mail from the Elementary School just outside the gate at Ellsworth AFB.  I  don't have a clue how they got his name but they did and it definately made his day when he opened it.







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