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did anyone begin with enlarged underarm lymph nodes, one 2.5cm?

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I had an ultrasound and they are waiting to repeat in 4  months or so..............I am a breast cancer survivor......


just worried.




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Don't worry until they tell you to worry...lol...easier said than done I know, but a swollen lymph node could mean a million things you could just have a blocked up lymph node full of yucky crud that needs to exit the body. Try a lymphatic massage and see if you get any results. I am thinking since you are a breast cancer SURVIVOR and they are waiting 4 months to do another ultrasound that you shouldn't let this worry you too much. I don't know your cancer history, but if you have had anything removed on that same side as the swollen lymph node it could be just lymph fluid getting trapped because it has nowhere to go, this is very common with lymph fluid once a node has been removed or disrupted by another surgery. I do know that no matter what I say to you that you will worry, once being diagnosed with Cancer you alwayys have that fear of it coming back for another round. I can say that a year before I was diagnosed I had a swollen lymph node in my armpit, but it wasn't cancer they told me because it went away with antibiotics and the doctor told me that cancer doesn't shrink or disappear; I have my own thoughts and opinions on this.

But seriously if your healthcare providers know your history and are waiting 4 months to do an ultrasound try not to let it over take your thoughts and daily living----you are a survivor, remember that

Best Wishes


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I was diagnosed from heart pain, which was believed to be unstable angina, until a scan found that the problem was actually numerous, huge nodes pressing against the wall of my heart.  My biopsy was taken from the left underarm, and the surgeon told me it was "the size of a golf ball."    My next door neighbor got diagnosed with NHL a year before me, and he said that his sample was "the size of a baseball."   He was a big guy (around 300 pounds), and said that the node was prohibiting him from lowering his arm.

There is a heavy concentration of nodes in the "axial" (armpit) area, and it is one of the most common areas to first detect a node. Other most-common areas are the groin, and neck, below the mandible (jaw).  I had heavy concentrations of vewry large nodes across three quadrants , especially center chest.  But, I never detected or felt a node ANYWHERE before surgery.

One thing to be aware of is that breast cancer in a lymph node is not lymphoma, it is brest cancer in a node.  Of course, anyone can develope lymphoma, as can a brest cancer survivor, in which case it IS lymphoma, but unrelated to the cells that constitute brest cancer.  I hope you learn you are wholly negative of any form of cancer....


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get a second opinion. It may be nothing or it may be something. You will feel better if you get it checked again. Good luck.

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