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Donating your radiation mask for cancer patients

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Hi y'all...yes I'm from the South!  I wanted to share a website with those of you that have had radiation or may be in the midst of it.  Some may be aware but I wanted to make this information available for those of you that may not be aware.  I find it an awesome opportunity to pay it forward.  I am sure as I you were ready to kick your mask to the curb, but how awesome it is we can actually take it and make a difference in the life of our fellow RAD buddies.  They take the mask and design and transform them into works of art and host a gala event to auction them off.  How cool is that.  Below is the link if your interesTed in checking It out.  There are some really unique and actually beautiful pieces these artist have created


when on the website you can look at the events they have hosted in the past.  I contacted Cookie, the founder prior to mailing my mask in.  If you can also reach her through the "contact us" option for any questions you might have.  i hope everyone has had a great week and make it an even better weekend!  

Hugs to you all!


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to do with my mask.....I still haven't run over it yet....and I sure don't want it hanging in my house....LOL.  Thanks Christie.


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I don’t know, I am not ready to part with CivilMask, yet.  Originally, I was afraid of him now I know he kept me on the straight and narrow.  He has got a scary face, but he knows how to hold down a job, his last job had him busy 5 days a week for 7 weeks.

I’ll see if he wants to move on, but there are no guarantees.


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Yes,  I agree Phrannie the first thoughts are to run over it, but then it does have a little sentimental value too Matt. i kept her around  for 6 weeks not for sure about donating or keeping it.   It's definitely a personal decision and deep!  i just kept having this tug in me to give.  So I boxed her up and shipped her out today.  As i walked back to my car I had a wee bit of an emotion to keep it around a little longer, then as I drove away I was singing "bye bye Miss America Pie"....as the song says:  ...."And I knew if I had my chance...That I could make those people dance....And maybe they'd be happy for a while"


thanks y'all...love you guys...cyber hugs!  

Kiss Christie 

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Ingrid K
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what a great idea.

I may have to find my mask and decide if it's time to part with her....

I think 3 years in the closet it enough.


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Mine is still sitting on a desk in the back bedroom. I never planned to give mine away and with holloween just around the cormer it is going to get a trial run. At worst case, I was just going to put it on as is, it is damn ugly and scary. But the site has some cool ideas, maybe I'll paint it up and stick flowers in it. LOL

I'll be sure to post the pic. don

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I'm a southerner too!  I love this idea, but I have grown strangley attached to mine.  It sits in my closet and every time I open the door I have some kind of odd relief when I see it.  I may not always feel that way and have bookmarked the site so I'll have it on hand :)

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I emailed them about donating mine. My husband recently moved it & its hanging just outside the door that keads to our garage just above our recycling bin. I don't think he realized when he moved it how often I would see it (sometimes several times each day) & it just gives me an eery feeling. I think I am strangely attached to it but would much prefer someone be helped with it. Thanks for the info. And hello from a fellow southerner. Sometimes I limit myself to a certain number of y'alls in a post, afraid others might think I'm a bumkin;)

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that is a great site  thanks for sharing it, and thank you for helping them out.

I'm still not sure what to do with mine yet, i waffle between shooting it, stomping on it or keeping it around as a reminder of my fight. odd I know.. its just a very raw reminder of my trials. 

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