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SCC of left tonsil, three lymph nodes stage 3.

It has been awhile since I have posted but do view the board every couple of weeks.  It has helped over the last 4 years (I finished treatment 4 years ago end of August).  I would like to share this good news. Today is my first day of retirement!  I was fortunate to have a job where early retirement can happen.  My spouse and I decided it would be a good idea a year ago.  The treatment was still impacting my energy and mood.  I put in my early retirement package a year ago and found out on Tuesday it was approved.  They wanted me out Tuesday but allowed me to work Wednesday to contact folks and pack my office.  Talk about quick.  I had a great job but now it is time to move onto (or maybe it is into) another transition.  Of course, my spouses support through this has been great.  We are looking at campers and I hope this is going to be a great outlet for us.  We both like to camp and this area could keep one busy for years just traveling 200 miles from home.  Well I'm starting to ramble.  Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts over the years.  My life has been blessed.





I will let you all know how it feels once I get over the shock.

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Are you sure you weren't fired, LOL....

Dang, you put in for retirement a year ago, they approve it and want you out the same day, a year in the making...

Congrats, live long and prosper..., Oh, you have and continue to do that...



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You're going to love it!!  I did the same thing in June, and haven't looked back....well....I do miss my friends, but I don't miss going out into a blizzard at midnight.  The camper idea is a great one....and you can stay camped till you feel like going home....


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I would like to interest you in a sweet 67’ Volkswagen camper van, it will stir the hippie blood in you.  Wait a minute, that was the radiation talking, you want to get a NEW Volkswagen camper van.

Enjoy the retirement and  the great outdoors.


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Matt, when I got out of the service, we drove a VW van from California to Georgia (I-10)...

When we stopped to visit relatives in Tx, I loaded up on Coors in the can... Back then you couldn't buy Coors east of the Mississippi...

We had it stuffed under the camper seats and everywhere, several cases, LOL...

Once back in Floirda, I'd break out a few sixers at parties and such...


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Ingrid K
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Hi Mark

Congrats on your retirement -- I highly recommend it.  I was able to retire early after 34 years with AT&T.  About 2 years before my diagnosis.  I was blessed not to have to return to work after treatment as so many others have to do.

It is true what they say....you will wonder how you ever had time to work.

I wish you and your wife the best in this new phase of your lives.  Cruising in a camper sounds like a good idea to me and if you find yourselves coming towards Chicago...just let me know.



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Looks like I managed the dreaded double post. Thanks everyone for good wishes and help over the years.  It is not lost on me how blessed I'am to enjoy many things in life.  I caught lots of salmon this year.  I hope to enjoy fishing more, less tired maybe, and perhaps catch even more.  Maybe they did fire me?  I will have to check.  It was a medical retirement so that may help explain why the wheels moved slowly.  Thanks again




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Now you're talking my language....



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Congradulations on your retirement. I am sorta semi retired. I went to bed last night tired and woke up this morning still tired which makes me retired. Next month I start all my four year milestones with the diagnosis which started all the fun.

Enjoy your retirement


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 Sounds like great news, I was once was an outdoorsman but now days don’t like to travel too far.

Enjoy all the things you love to do.


God Bless


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