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Dr Nina Radcliff (title partially edited out)

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wow is all i can say



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I had my mastectomy on the opening day of the 2002 Olympics, watched the fireworks from my hospital room. 3 days later I went with my son to an art exhibit and activities that were in town. I wonder if people who saw me from work thought that I really wasnt sick. But I did not have a lot of pain, and I healed without any issues from the surgery. I would imagine that when it is a proactive procedure, she may have had the nipple sparing and less of the emotional baggage that we have when we are having it following the news that 'you have cancer'.
I sure hope that she really did have the procedure if she is going on TV and giving an interview.

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What is the proof that she lied? Other than her facebook and twitter accounts? When I had my double mastectomy, I had a lot of pain, and it was evident when I moved around. Some women have no pain or very little pain, so you would hardly notice.

So where is the proof?

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I would hate to think we are judged by how quickly we rebound from surgery.  I had gallbladder surgery and the following morning I was at the grocery store and the next day at the mall and the following Monday back to work with no pain and no problems.  Maybe not the norm but I felt like great.  Hate to think that people thought I was faking surgery.  I also had a friend who had a hysterectomy on a Wednesday and was at a race that weekend.  She was sore but you would never have known she had major surgery.  So being up and around doesn't mean that someone hasn't had surgery.  I think I will give her the benefit of the doubt.


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Where is any PROOF that she lied?  I am appalled that you would make such a statement without ANYTHING to back it up!

I can personally assure you that one can have a mastectomy and still be out and about AND active.  I had a UMX (single mastectomy) - not prophylactic but for Stage IIIC IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer).   On the morning after surgery, Son picked me up at the hospital about 9, we went out for breakfast on the way home and even stopped at the local Humane Society to see the dog Hubby had gotten the day before shortly after I was back in my room post surgery.  (He had lost his 'Baby' to cancer shortly after my DX and had been looking for a new 'Baby'.  The day before surgery, I had stopped at the HS to see what was there and there she was - exactly what he was looking for - a young adult Black and Tan Coonhound.  So it made sense to me to send him to see her once I was in my room rather than him just sit there dwelling on what had just happened.)  He did see her and got her BUT she had to be spayed before he could take her home so she was stoill there the next day, so on the way home Son and I stopped o see her.  Guess by your "theory", that means I hadn't had a UMX the previous day because I was out in public.  I also fell late Jan and really messed up my wrist - had surgery and on the waay home we stopped at Cabela's because I had a question for their flyfishing expert - so your "theory" because I was in public didn't have surgery.  The day after surgery on wrist I went to work - oh guess that means I didn't have surgery according to you.

When you choose to make public attacks - DOCUMENT your "theory"/rumor.

"Judge not lest YOU be judged!"

Winyan -The Power Within


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