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Swallowing Test

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Well yesterday I did the swallowing test again but this time is did show a little improvement. While I still can swallow or eat like a normal person I am able to sip and swallow very small amounts of water. What the test showed is that the back of the tongue is no longer moving to close off the air way into the lungs. While this is not a good thing it has also become a blessing, in the past the back of the tongue would only move half way and would allow food and water to drain off into the lungs; better known as “Aspiration”. Now with the tongue being stuck and not moving at all the doctor was amazed because when swallowing water it has found a new root around the stuck part of the tongue down the throat by-passing the air way into the lungs. They are sending all the finding from the test to my ENT and suggesting that I be giving the OK to start swallowing very small amount of water, Wow miracles do still happen.   


Thanks you everyone for your prayersSmile

Tim Hondo

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That's great news my friend, glad you can approach a bit more of normalcy  in your life. Keep moving forward! 

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happen all the time...we just don't see many of them.  YOU are a miracle and I'm so happy to hear this good news.  You deserve nothing but blessings!

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So glad to hear to can swallow a little something now. Hope it lasts a long, long time!

I just talked to my GI doctor yesterday, and he said I will need to call as soon as I think its getting hard to swallow my saliva.  I don't want to get to the place where you have been for so long.

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...and it IS a miracle!!  Tim, you must be walking on air.  You are and always have been a walking miracle....


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tim, very happy for u and praying that mirales continue to happen for u!

God bless,


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Wow, Tim.  I hope it stays that way for you, given what we learned from your post awhile back.  I kind of listen to you with an eye toward my possible future, as your rads and mine are similar, and you have a number of years ahead of me in terms of fibrosis.  Right now, I am lucky my posterior tongue works fairly well, because the rest of it doesn't.  If I can get liquids located properly before initiating swallowing they go down ok.  What I will be like a few years from now is anybody's guess.  Bless you, I hope your good fortune continues.



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just a thought.... nothing good comes easy Smile


love the good news.... keep it comming



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And...I hope things continue to go well for you!

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