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Hello, Ladies.  I posted some time ago about a suspicious lump on my CT scan.  After mammogram and biopsy, here is what I was told:

Clinically it is Stage 1 Invasive Lobular Cancer.  It is estrogen receptive.  It has been caught early, is only 1/2" in size, and is treatable.  I will see the surgeon on Monday to discuss the plan.  Right now, it's surgery to remove the mass and 2 lymph nodes from the armpit.  CT scan and examination indicates no enlarged lymph nodes, so testing just to be sure.  Surgery is out-patient, a couple of days rest, then I can resume almost normal activity.  Probably will be given Tamoxifen or other anti-estrogen pill from here on.  Lymph node results will determine if I need chemo or not.  

I do have a load of questions for the doctor, but just want to get your feedback to see what else I should be asking.  Any info you can give will be appreciated, even though I will be surfing the net this weekend to gather up info and my questions.  The doctor has given us lots of positives on this, so I'm hoping you all concur.  As a reminder, I am an OVCA survivor, 14 years now!  My CT scan concludes NED for OVCA!  But this is the same CT scan that detected the mass in my breast.  For them, I am grateful, as it is deep and small and I didn't feel anything these last months.

Thoughts and prayers to all of you!



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I had lobular as well, glad they caught it early. have you ever had the Braca test? considering you have had both ovarian and breast. It seems like you have a good take on the cancer. and the treatment plan seems right on track

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Hi, same cancer here too.  Also Estrogen positive.  I opted, actually we all decided for double mastectomy as this cancer was on both sides.  I hate to mention it but this one tends to effect both breasts.  Perhaps you could ask about that.  I had lump on one side and another questionable area.  In fact the unknown area turned out negative so you could say I had masectomy when I should have had lumpectomy.  HOWEVER, the plastic surgeon reduced by good breast to match other side same time as masectomy done.  The material he took away in reduction was sent to lab as required and they found a lot of cancer cells.  So second masectomy a month later. Sorry this is something you may not want to hear, apologies.  Just ask at next appointment their thoughts.  You are doing a great job, good luck.

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So sorry to hear how you both have gone through this.  But I appreciate all of your advice.  Had the BRCA1 & 2 test back in 2006 (negative), and will schedule for BART as soon as I know when I'll be scheduled for this surgery.  Have tons of questions for the doctor, so I will bring my notebook, as I always did with my gynecologic/oncologist.

Luv, Hugs, and Prayers to you all!



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I was diagnosed with ILC in April 2013, double mastectomy in May. I had 4 tumors in 1 breast and none in the other. The biggest tumor was 2.2, all 4 totaled over 5cm, I was er and pr + with no lymph nodes affected. Because ILC is a "sneaky" cancer, I had to have chemo. I had 4 adrimycin/cytoxin aka red devil, and so far have had 7/12 taxol treatments. I have 5 more weekly treatments to go. With the red devil I lost my hair, now with the taxol  my hair is coming back, but now I have lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. Chemo is not as horrible as it once was as far as being sick, they load you down with nausea meds, but it makes you tired all the time. Best of luck to you. You may have to have some chemo just because of the type of cancer it is. Hopefully not. God bless you. Hang tough!

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It was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago.  I had breast conserving surgery which was more than a lipumpectomy but less than a mastectomy.  

Had a great surgeon.  No lymph nodes were positive so I had the oncotype dx test to see if chemo was necessary.  My score was intermediate. It I chose not to have chemo.  16 meant no chemo and my score was 18...still low.  Had 33 radiation treatments.  So far so good!

Just try to stay positive and hopeful. Hugs!



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