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More Happy News

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I saw my old, trusted onc today - the one who has treated me for 26 years (27 in February).  He was thrilled with all of my results.  My markers and liver enzymes are normal and I am slowly feeling better (except still battle some nausea).  He was not worried about the liver MRI at all.  He said that I would always have residual stuff there, which will be more pronounced first year after taxotere.  He explained why, but it kind of went over my head.  All I cared about was that he is happy and, if he is happy, Danny and I are dancing!

We went to the French Quarter after to celebrate and headed to Central Grocery.  Central Gro is a very old Italian grocery store that has a million weird olive oils, olives and many strange Mediterranean groceries.  

More importantly, they make the best muffaletta sandwiches which are made of Genoa salami, ham, Provolone cheese, Emmentaler, Mortadella, pepperoni and olive salad.  The olive salad is made of olives, cauliflower, celery, carrots, medium sized caper berries, parsley, pepperoncini (sweet Italian peppers), garlic, spices, olive oil and other oils.  Of course, it is served on Sicilian sesame bread.  A half of a sandwich, which is huge, is $7.50.  They don't sell any other sandwiches, but they do have artichokes stuffed with Parmesan and breadcrumbs.

Even through my worst nausea, I have been craving a muffaletta.  Of course, I felt a little ill after eating it, but it was so fun to be bad!  BTW, all of the locals pronounce it moo-fuh-lah-ta or muff-uh-lah-ta. I have no idea why.

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It's muff-a-lata here in San Antonio too. Sounds so yummy.

Happy doctor? 'Bout time you got some good news! Congrats.

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always good to hear some good news from others.  I have been on new chemo and have seen regression of the breast cancer on my skin. Doc has been telling me that regression on outside means good news on inside.  will find out tomorrow as i had PET/CT today as well as marker blood tests. I hope and pray I can post some great news tomorrow. Been kind of bummed when doc other than onco confirmed I was stage 4 so I am looking for some news to make me smile.  God Bless you and I hope all stays well with you. Cathy K.

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Good news and good eats.  WHo could ask for more?  Glad to hear this happy news.


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Don't give up Cathy!  I have been Stage 4 for 8 years now. You don't have an expiration date, so keep fighting!

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And great that you made yourself a treat. You deserved it, even if it made you a bit sick :)

Be well, Carmen

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Happy for you



Grandma X 6
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It is time we recieved some great news, way to go.

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All I have to say is WONDERFUL!!!! and HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! for you...

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