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One sucessful milestone

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Today we got to get sister out of the hospital and to her own home!  It seems they have finally found a combo of meds which are taking care of the pain and nausea.  She was more herself that she has been in months.

The number of meds she is taking is daunting...I walked out with 8 new perscriptions in addition to ones she already was taking.  We ended up having to number the list from the hospital and the bottles just to try to make it easier to get it right...real name vs generic made it a nightmare!  Tomorrow I am going to make up a daily chart for her/and folks so they can easily see what she is to get when and be able to check it off.

We have to make the daily trip to have rads done the rest of this week and two days next week, but fortunate that it is only an 8 mile trip.

Thank all of you for your caring and support.  There are no words to describe what a difference it makes in my being able to carry-on.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties


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Such ggod news to hear, that your sister is home. 

May she continue to gain strength and hopefully the amount of drugs will go down. 

Thank you for the update. 

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oh Marie....what a wonderful sister you are....8 new meds.....that is astounding! and yes one has to be sooo organized to get it right especially with all the Latin versus the common versus generic names.....good for you for doing lists and charts.  Glad that rads are sooo closeby.

hugs and love,,,,mags

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...two wonderful people in a tough situation. Most of the time hardship pulls good people closer together and weeds out the bad ones. Use this opportunity to enjoy the time together.

I wish you having the strength to get through this with the best possible outcome.


Cathleen Mary
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Everyone needs a Marie in thier life!  What an incredible sister you are.....of course, we have caught more than a glimpse of this as you act as sister to all of us.

Strenight, prayers, and hugs for the days ahead.


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Dorothy said it all.  "There's no place like home !!" Hope all the pills do their job!!

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Wonderful news, Marie.  Sounds like she is on the right track.  She must feel better just being back home.  I'll bet her own bed feels good.  Hopefully her being back in her own home will make things a little easier for you.  Hope your looking after yourself.

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It's always good to hear this kind of news. I  pray it continues. Jeff

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I'm so happy for you guys, Marie:)


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that your sister is home. You're a wonderful sister. God bless!

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Thank you so much for sharing the good news!  You and your sister have been on my mind every day.  She must feel so good to be home and  knowing she has such a wonderful support system will certainly comfort her.  You are a wonderful person ... not a weed, but a beautiful rose! Continued prayers and strength to you and your family!

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So much better than being in the hospital.  Do you have family members or aides sharing her at-home care?  When my sister returned home, there were a few of us who took shifts.  She tended to be awake a lot at night, and needed company, so there were times when some of us stayed up most of the night.  Her care was daunting at first (she had a pain pump, and we had to learn how to manage that, which I personally found kind of scary), but we got it all figured out.  I hope this time is peaceful and that you have time to just "be" with your sister.

Lots o' love to you all~AA

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That is wonderful for her to be home and I'm glad she is.  So glad that they have found some meds that will help her deal with her issues.  When you have pain and nasuea it can be unbearable.  So glad that she has you to help her.  I'm sure she will be much better at home and hope she continues to feel better every day.


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