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Relationship issues?

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Hi All,

I'm *kinda* new here, I had an old account and i couldnt access it for whatever reason, but i'm back.

I was diagnosed at 18 with a PXA Brain Tumor, now a healthy 22 year old survivor (4 years next month) with a master's degree now and have constant (normal) headaches from titanium in my skull and dialated pupils. But being the kind of survivor that i am, it is remakrably hard to find someone who TRULY understands.

I am trying to find love and start commiting myself to a serious relationship- and prefer to be with a survivor (for both obvious and personal reasons). The problem is, I have had issues with paranoia and communication (head says one thing and mouth another ALL the time) and establishing romantic relationships. I'm not nervous or have confidence issues, but i just don't trust myself enough to be in any kind of companionship if that makes sense? I havent had uncommon relationship issues in the past, a few petty "here and there" high school like girlfirend relationships, but nothing serious or otherwise deemed committing. Anyone else experience paranoia or self mistrust for no justified reason after surgery?

I'm looking for insights on this and advice.

You can message me here or go to my profile and search my name on facebook, i'm the only one. Any help would be much appreciated. I would be willing to swap stories with someone if interested.



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