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help with diagnsis of recurrence

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I am four weeks from surgery for my recurrence.  First diagnosis one year ago with total hysterectomy and three radiotherapy treatments.  I thought I was home free then.  Now I don't know what to expect.  I started HER yesterday and had radiation evaluation today.  I cried all day.  I am very frightened.  I have read so much that I think I will spend my last month's unable to enjoy my grandchildren and maybe just not do radiation.  But I read all the posts here and it makes me think I should have 25 radiation treatments.  I don't know what questions to ask.  I don't know what to expect.  Any comments from this great and experienced group would help.  Thank you for supporting each other.  We all need each other.

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I am dealing with recurrence, too. I finished 28 radiation treatments two weeks ago. They weren't bad. I didn't feel tired but did have some diarrhea which was controllable by taking Imodium. I don't know yet whether the treatments worked. I think I will have a C-T or PET-CT scan in two or three months. I will see the gynecologic oncologist next week and he will tell me when I need my next scan. 


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I think we all understand your fear.  At some point I think we all have experienced and find a way to cope. 

Take a breath and don't be afraid to say you are afraid and that you want information.  As they tell you things, write things down or have someone with you who can.  Ask for the number of someone you can call when you have questions, every doctor I have had offers their office number to call with questions. 


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Sue:  thank you for sharing the similarities in our stories.  You have given me hope where there has been none.  I will keep good thoughts for your next visit and scan.  Please let me know how. You r doing and if I can pay it forward to you or the group as have done for me.

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Ladies - please take comfort - radiotherapy for central pelvic recurrence is a very good treatment and is curative in a lot of cases.

I hope it works for you and  you can beat this beast for good.

Kindest wishes


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I am halfway through my radiation and HRT and allowed myself to cry for the first time.  Not because the treatment treatment is bad just because I am still scared this wont go away.  The SE seem similare; fatigue, diarrhea but I am also hot/chills my finger tips are very sensative to heat and I am not sleeping sell because my bladder is now so small it looks like a balloon animal before it is shaped so I cant stray far from a Bathroom.  Any suggestions to combat any of these SE? 

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