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Serous endometrial intraepithelial Cancer (serous EIC)

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Anyone else out there with EIC- it is a non-invasive stage of UPSC- my gyn/onco considers it to be a stage 0. I had negative nodes, tubes, ovaries and omentum, but apparently had a lot of EIC in the uterus. Tumor boards at 2 majorcancer centers were split on my need for chemo, so I elected to do chemo (3 cycles carbo and taxol). This is a pretty rare diagnosis and I would love to find someone else who was diagnosed this early.

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That wouldn't be me but lucky you.  Maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket!

How were you diagnosed so early?

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I am like Connie, what made you go in and have them check you out?  I was post menopasal and started bleeding and had sever pain when I went to my OB/GYN and she did a D &C which showed a tumor and cancer.  It ended up being stage 3C1 grade 3 MMMT cancer.


Best of luck to you and congrats on your low staging and glad they caught it early. trish

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I woke up with some vaginal bleeding (post menopause by many years now). Called my gyne for an appointment when the office opened at 9 and she had a cancellation at 10. Had a biposy that am, ultrasound and CA 125 the next morning. Biopsy results came in on Friday, had some connections and saw gyne oncologist on Monday, surgery the next week. She said to expect at least 6-8 cycles of chemo and radiation, we even discussed how soon after surgery she would want to start before I left the hospital. Got the great report when I went back for my post op check. I know how lucky I am- even EIC can spread to other organs and nodes and be upgraded. My sister in law died of endometrial cancer (highly undifferentiated, agressive but UPSC) in July 2012- I sort of wondered if she wasn"t looking out for me. 

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