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Resection surgery opting out

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Has anyone opted out of a resection surgery who initially have total removal of cancerous polyp with clean margin underneath?  I was told that some consider it curative (mine was 2cm) in signmond colon, but they also recommend talking to a surgeon for resection of 12-18 inches to check lymph nodes.  I was told CT scan lymph nodes appeared normal size but I'm having a hard time deciding on additional procedures (mine was removed along with two other smaller ones in other areas and appeared benign until lab results.  I'm just curious if anyone else out there who had early colon cancer diagnosis before it went into the wall of the intestine and decided to monitor and opt out of surgery. 


Diagnosed June 2013/48 years F

22 mm/2cm

Signmond colon

Sessile polyp/small clean margin underneath (I guess a larger margin impossible without perforation of wall)?

History:  Father diagnosed in 50's

Awaiting trial/study results to see if lynch syndrome or not

CEA level 1.4 30 days after removal during colonoscopy with saline injection/hot snare removal

CT scan nothing significant found, small ovarian cyst and fluid in pelvic cul de sac



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I had large cancerous rectal tumor removed, then subsequent surgery to clean the margins, and I am having no additional treatment at this time, but will have follow up colonoscopy and CT scan in about 6 months. I did have PET which showed no evidenc of metastic activity. Hope this is helpful. 

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I was in a totally different situation than you. They had to do emergency surgery on me due to blockage and I was diagnosed stage IV but I think you should do the surgery to be safe. You have a great chance of beating this thing. You don't want to end up stage IV down the road and have to endure seemingly endless treatments and surgeries. What ever you decide make sure you are a total peace with the decision.

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...genetic and genomic test as possible to****** you risk for colon cancer. Then have at least 3 opinions from different institutions. Once you have this data, the decision will be easier.

Wish you the best,


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Tough question but you asked so here goes - have the surgery.  Think of it as an insurance/warranty.  No one wants surgery especially if it is iffy at best.  But, colon cancer is tricky.  A lady in George's chemo lab was in your exact position only she was never talked to about resection, just told she had a polyp, was cancerous, we removed it and sent her on her way.  And yet there she sat, 14 months later, with liver metastasis.  You may be just fine but heck, why take the chance.  Talk to the surgeon, heck talk to a couple of them and see what their respective opinions are.  My husband died from this disease less than a year ago and I don't want to see anyone go through what he and so many others did.

Take care - Tina

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Ditto.  I agree with Tina 100%.  My husband, Steve died three months ago.  For me it would be a no brainer.  I would definitely have the surgery.  Good luck with whatever you decide.



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is this..."if I skip the surgery, and the cancer returns later, will I be sorry that I made this choice?"  If you think you can accept whatever the outcome might be, even if it's bad (and with cancer, it's often bad, sadly), then you can make the choice to skip the surgery and hope for the best.

Good luck with whatever you decide~AA

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Please get a second or even a third opinion before making such an important choice.


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Have the surgery. 1st you need an oncologist recommmended by friends or relatives who have had experience with one they like and feel satisfied with the treatment and advice they got.  Next you need a surgeon.  The best way to find a good surgeon is to ask a Certified Surgical Technician.  They are the ones who assist the surgeon with instruments and an extra pair of hands for holding cameras and such during surgery. They are the ones who actually see how each surgeon works and if the surgeon's skills and knowledge are superior to other surgeons. I would trade a good surgeon with a good bedside manner for an excellent surgeon who may be a jerk any day. If you don't know a CST, take matters into your own hands.  Go to your preferred hospital and go to the surgery floor and just ask to talk to one of the experienced CSTs.  Ask them: If you or your family had to have a surgery like yours, which surgeon would you choose? Then ask your PCP to refer you to that surgeon.

Using referals from doctor to doctor may leave you with a doctor who is a good friend of the referring physician or one who owes the other a favor, or the one next in line for a referral on his list. After I chose my surgeon and he scheduled my surgery I asked him if he was going to be on call the night before my surgery.  Sometimes these docs on call will be up all night doing urgernt surgeries and still have to do their scheduled surgeries the next day.  I want him to be fresh and not tired and grumpy when he does my surgery.  Dan

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but I agree with Tina, also. Good luck!

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